Slipstream February 2019

Chairman’s Message

By Susan Steeb
Hello 2019!
This is going to be a big year. Our biggest joy is starting the year with a $3,000 scholarship fund funded by ACI Jet. Liz Ruth has organized a scholarship committee and will share details soon.
We plan to add more learning content to our meetings. In February, we’ll talk about radio communication. In March, Grace and Kathy will talk about plane partnerships. If you have an idea for a topic, please let us know.

We start the year with a new fly-out plan. Several other 99s chapters would like to combine efforts to get in the air. We will take turns hosting events with the VC99s hosting February in Santa Ynez (2/9) and San Fernando 99s (3/17) hosting a fly-out to the infamous 16R (Van Nuys). The Long Beach chapter will continue to share their fly-out plans with us as well. Pilots from 5 states will convene to have some fun.

In April, we will fly to Sacramento so attend the SW Section meeting (held every 6 months). We are looking to fill right seats and share hotel rooms. If you have not been to one, please join us.
In October, we will play host at our SW Section meeting. October 3-6th we hope to see 50 aircraft and 120-150 99s join us in SLO at the Embassy Suites. Our committee continues to grow and the planning is getting exciting and fun. You will see a signup for volunteers coming out soon.
November 2nd is the 99s 90th birthday. Chapters all over the country will plan a fly-out for that day. 
We will also have our annual events; Oceano will host a summer Movie night and the holiday Toys 4 Tots event, we will bring cookies to the tower and airport support.
So as you can see, there are lots of reasons to get in the air, engage with other pilots and continue learning.

Hello 2019!

Next Fly-out Dates:

February 9th – VC99s – Santa Ynez (KIZA) – 4th Annual Valentines Day Flashmob
March 17th – SFV99s – 16R St. Patty’s Day Fly-in to Van Nuys (KVNY)

Did You Know?

The SLO99s can receive money to support our scholarships and chapter. If you shop on Amazon, you can place your orders through Amazon Smile and .5% of your purchase will be donated to our chapter. No cost to you, great benefit to our chapter.

Donating is easy, just set the Southwest Section of the Ninety-Nines, San Luis Obispo Chapter as your charity and use the site - you would be amazed at how quickly those donations add up!
There is a great opportunity to increase Southwest Section of the Ninety-Nines, San Luis Obispo Chapter's AmazonSmile donations by reminding our supporters to shop at

Meet a Member: Elizabeth Dinan ATP, CFII, MEI, ASES, GRDCFI

By Elizabeth Dinan
I have always wanted to fly.  I don't quite know why, but even as a young kid I drew airplanes, built airplane models and even jumped off our garage roof to see if I could fly. Fortunately it was a low roof. For my 7th birthday I told my parents all I wanted was to go for a flight in an airplane. Forget the party, gifts, etc. I got my flight and I got my party.

Make sure to also check out the awesome images from Elizabeth’s photo scrapbook, published in the August 2017 edition of this newsletter: link here !

My Dad thought if I went up, perhaps I would not think it was such a great idea and forget all about flying. We went to Whiteman Airpark in the San Fernando Valley for my flight and when we returned after a wonderful flight, I said, "this is it, Dad, this is what I want to do forever". 
I did not fly again until in high school when an aviation course was offered.  At the end of the semester we were taken up for a flight in a C172.  
I told my parents I did not want to go to college, I just wanted to find a job and take flying lessons. Long story short, Mom said if I went to college she would help pay for my flying lessons and I could pay her back after I graduated.  Of course, I found Glendale City College which offered an aviation course and flying lessons at Grand Central Airport in Glendale. 
I learned to fly in an Aeronca Champ. On my first solo, which is a story in itself, I was speeding back to my class when I spotted the police motorcycle, red light on. The officer said  "Elizabeth, do you know how fast you were going?"  I said, “Officer I am sorry but I just soloed in an airplane and I guess I was still flying”. He said, you did what and can you prove it? I showed him my solo certificate and I think he was impressed. I did not get a ticket, but he said this was his route and he would be watching for me.  When I walked into my class late, our instructor looked at me and said "YOU SOLOED TODAY".
While at Grand Central Airport 9 guys and myself pitched in $100 and bought a 1946 Taylorcraft for $1000, I flew it most of the time. Then Grand Central closed a couple of years later and we all went to San Fernando Valley Airport. While there I was able to fly a Ryan PT22 which is one of my favorite airplanes. Then SFV airport closed and we all went to Whiteman Airpark where a lot of the guys were flying T-6's and a BT 13. I was able to fly these planes although I had to sit on a seat parachute to see out and extensions to reach the rudders. Also met a great instructor who could fly anything who delivered aircraft to all sorts of places and introduced me to a lot of different aircraft.          
While I was working in an office I also worked at Whitman as dispatcher on afternoons and weekends. Then I bought a brand new C172 with 2 guys and we moved to Van Nuys Airport. While at VNY, I received my Commercial just in time as Van Nuys Skyways wanted 10 Ninety Nines to fly, all expenses paid to Wichita, KS to pickup 10 brand new C 150's and fly them to Van Nuys for publicity. We later flew back and picked up 12 more.  

Around this time I received my CFI. I took an aerobatic course at Santa Paula Airport just in case someone turned me upside down, I would know what to do. Another SFV 99 and I donated our time to give a Girl Scout Troupe free flying lessons up to solo.