Slipstream April 2018

Chairman’s Message 

By Anele Brooks

We had a wonderful meeting [March 7, 2018] at the Estrella Warbirds Museum. Had a “grand” tour of the museum and library prior to their March program, which was Grace Crittenden and Liz Ruth. Grace introduced the 99's and shared some 99 history with the group and Liz gave a presentation on her dream job and how she achieved it. Elizabeth Dinan will be presenting a talk at a later meeting focusing on her participation in Air Racing. Elizabeth has been a member for 60 years and has some very interesting stories. I am looking forward to hearing them. If we have some talented tech members maybe she/they could help transfer Elizabeth's photos and memorabilia into a Power Point Presentation for the Estrella Warbird Program later this year!
Our April Meeting is this coming Wednesday [April 4,2018] at 6:00 at the Spirit. This is an important meeting since we will be creating a committee to plan for the 2019 Fall Section Meeting that we will be hosting. Bring your ideas for entertainment, lodging and transportation. Jeanne Fenimore has offered to come to a meeting to help us with hotels. Hosting the Section Meeting is a big project and we need everyone's help!!
April is also Elizabeth Dinan's 60th Anniversary as a 99 - so we will celebrate that too!
The most important thing on our Agenda for April is the formation of a committee to prepare for the Fall 2019 Section Meeting. Fall 2019 seems to be far in the distance, but it will be here before you know it and we need to be ready. Most of our active members have already agreed this is something we want to do and we need ideas and a schedule to work out the logistics. Jeanne Fenimore has offered to come to a meeting to help us with hotels and has also suggested, via a hint, that we schedule a tour of Hearst Castle.
We will also be discussing the Oceano Airport Celebration on May 11 & 12. The 99's are sponsoring the Friday night “Burger Fry” as a fundraiser for our Scholarship Fund, plus it is a great way to let the community know we exist!
See you on Wednesday, April 4! 

Minutes of General Meeting

By Grace Crittenden

Minutes of March 7, 2018: The chapter gathered at the Estrella Warbirds Museum at the Paso Robles Airport [March 7, 2018] for a joint meeting with the Museum supporters. Before the meeting we were treated to a brief tour of the museum and library. We all agreed that we needed to come back when there was more time to explore the extensive collection of military and aviation memorabilia. After sharing a lovely corned beef dinner, Grace Crittenden gave a brief introduction to The Ninety Nines and Liz Ruth gave a presentation about her aviation career and the SOFIA, NASA’s 747 Sport that she is flying now. Both Grace and Liz were presented with a plaque and a book about Howard Hughes by famous Air Force Pilot and author George Marrett as tokens of appreciation for their presentations.
Now there are plans for Elizabeth Dinan to talk about her aviation adventures in the fall. We are all looking forward to hearing her stories.
The Ninety-Nines Mission Statement:
The Ninety-Nines is the international organization
of women pilots that promotes advancement
of aviation through education, scholarships and
mutual support while honoring our unique history
and sharing our passion for flight.

Valentine’s Day Fly-In Santa Ynez

By Susan Steeb

Our February Fly-In was for the SLO99s to join the VC99s’ 6th annual Valentine’s flash mob fly-in to Santa Ynez (KIZA) [Sunday, February 11, 2018]. We were tested again with flexibility as the VC99s decided the night before to push the event to the alternate date (Feb 18th) due to high Santa Ana winds at Camarillo. I notified the three SLO99 pilots and all three did their flight check and all confirmed our SLO and Santa Ynez winds looked great. The decision was: it WAS a GO for the SLO99s. The flight was smooth, the landings were within 15 minutes of one another and we even had guests from Lompoc (Jolie’s friends Ed and Susan Mandibles) join us for lunch on the lawn at the airport.
Jolie Lucas and her friend Chris came from Santa Maria. Tish Allan and her husband Robert made their first flight together with a plane filled with Valentine’s Day table decorations and a beautiful and yummy cake. Grace Crittenden chauffeured Susan Steeb (me) and husband Erik since our Bonanza was down for a top end overhaul. We enjoyed flying in a high wing at 2,500 with a great view of the scenery, a treat from our usual low wing at 6,000 feet.
The weather behaved, the company was great and the food was tasty. 4 planes, 5 99s and 4 49 1/2s. We had so much fun, we decided this should be an annual event for the SLO99s.
As a side note, I was picked up on February 18 by a VC99 and returned to Santa Ynez to join their event. They were sad to have missed us but thrilled that we made the flight anyway. They look forward to seeing us all next year in Santa Ynez.
Happy Flying!

Dates and Schedules 

April 4
Chapter Meeting at the Spirit of San Luis at 6 pm, social gathering starts at 5:30 pm.
This is an important meeting since we will be creating a committee to plan for the 2019 Fall Section Meeting that we will be hosting
April 8
VC99’s April Fly-Out to KWJF (t.b.d. if this is SLO 99s April Fly-out, too):

Lynne Hsia writes: “We would like to invite you to fly over the poppy fields to our Poker Run at KWJF on Sunday, 8th of April 2018.  Please note you do not need to fly to any of the airports to get your cards except KWJF where you can pick up all your cards and have the best Tri-Tip for Lunch. 1$ off gas at KIYK all day.

Lancaster, CA, April 8, 2018 is 99s annual Famous Tri-Tip Poker Run at Fox Airport (KWJF). Fabulous prizes, Headset, fuel, overnight stays and more. Rain or shine.  You don't have to fly to all airports to get poker cards.  You can pick up all cards at Fox.