A very earthly meeting

The narration of the Oaks of Mamre meeting. God or Elohim? The logical explanation hidden in plain sight.

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  1. Premise: Elohim over God: why? - The symbolic part this biblical chapter is playing in making the imposed role of God obsolete and the original role of Elohim realistic. Aliens likely visited Earth, influenced our history and the bible is one of the proof.
  1. Biblical verses of the Oaks of Mamre meeting - Extract of the event  from the Christian and Hebrew bibles. Reflection on the type of reading: allegorical by the Church and literal by us. The literal one makes sense while the allegorical is ludicrous.
  1. Description of the event - The event summed up eliminates confusion for the reader and further clarified the validity of the literal interpretation.
  1. Vision or real meeting? - Professor Ben Zion Katz, M.D. shares our logic. Individuals in flesh and bones have visited Abraham, and no God. These individuals with superior powers were aliens, the Elohim.
  1. A real meeting is so much more logical - Concluding the logical journey.
  1. In depth analysis by verse - We examine 5 verses and realize the difficulty of a God ever to have participated in such a story. Aliens were walking side by side with Abraham.
  1. Conclusion: God” is a mask applied on the Ancient Astronauts - Wrapping up this story and finding sense in the literal interpretation thus solidifying the validity of the Ancient Astronauts theory.

1. Premise: Elohim over God: why?

We deem important highlighting the difference between these 2 terms because the issue created by the inaccurate translation of the original term “Elohim” into “God” has a cascading impact on the interpretation of the entire biblical text.
Indeed, the biblical episode known as "Oaks of Mamre meeting" is symbolic and ideal for grasping the appalling frequency and sheer vastness of false translations or mistranslations that found their way inside the so called “Sacred” Texts.
Meaning of single Hebrew terms, phrases and even entire episodes have in fact been altered considerably and at times utterly invented from scratch, in order to be functional to a specific religious doctrine; in this case, the Catholic one.

In this specific case the wrong or false translations clearly aim to transform, as usual, a very earthly encounter into something mystical and divine.
We have already talked about who the Elohim were and why they came in this article. In a nutshell, they were humanoids that visited our planet in the past from outer space.

Their “human” nature is evident in many passages of the Old Testament which describe them as individuals in flesh and bones, identical to humans. They are in fact found to essentially be doing all the terrestrial things humans do: they walk, eat, dress, wash themselves and sleep.  They also love, hate, fight in battle, exercise revenge and are victims of negative human passions, such as anger, hatred, jealousy and thirst for power, just as much as men.

Name of divinity
Human emotion / behaviour
Bible verse
The reason why we make this premise, is that the biblical account of Genesis 18 will have several individuals as protagonists, one of which Yahweh, who is one of the Elohim.
Most theological interpretations of this chapter read this event as a vision or as an allegory of some spiritual meaning
In this article we will show you once again how altered translations across centuries contributed to blowing smoke into everybody’s eyes about the actual events described in the bible. 
Do not trust us: you will be able to apply your best judgement by yourself. 

Our work has been and is to bring you the least corrupted information to show you how documents evolve over time and offer, whenever possible, the translations closest in time to the original ones. Our goal is to get as close as it gets to the original meaning and the actual events narrated by the author. In fact, as we have explained in this article the bible descends from other much older myths.
By using a critical judgement and digging into several domains we feel that some of the original stories differ considerably to what most people believe. We will give you some information: feel free to decide which version is most congruous at the end of this article.

In fact, while the way to look at history of human kind is our interpretation, we rely first of all on the concept of Occam’s razor, a philosophical theory according to which “of two competing theories, the simpler explanation of an entity is to be preferred.”
And the simpler explanation of a written text, it is the one springing from the literal reading of it. This is the reason why our methodological approach is based on the literal and non-allegorical reading. The allegory, if any, comes later; we are first of all interested in what is literally written.

2. Biblical verses

Let us read the actual verses found on most bibles in circulation.