Showing History, Publication, Awards + Teaching History
2013/2014 Raarrrgghgrgrrrrghhh 2741, The Whistler, Chicago, IL
2013 Savage Lands, Chicago, IL
2011 UAYEB, SOFA Gallery, Bloomington, IN 

2016 Line Up, 893 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY
2016 Faculty Show, Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL
2015 Tele-Nature, Post-Ecologies, ACRE Projects, Chicago, IL
2015 Post-Nature, Tele-Ecologies, ACRE Projects, Chicago, IL
2014 Finding Balance, Deines Cultural Center, Russell, KS
2014 Cross My Art and Hope to Buy, Gallery Cabaret, Chicago, IL
2014 Resolutions, Hq, Chicago, IL
2013 For You Are A Gallery, 4URA Gallery, The Internet
2013 MOLDY CARTRIDGE, The Treehouse, Chicago, IL 
2013 Passages, Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, IL
2012 Positive Reinforcement , Peanut Gallery, Chicago, IL
2012 It's a Small, Small World, Family Business, NYC, NY
2011 Momenta Art Benefit Show, Ad Projects, NYC, NY
2011 Buy Art Not People #002, Chicago, IL
2011 Young Virginia Perceptual Artists, Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA
2011 Shapeshifter, The Owelry, Bloomington, IN
2010 Visual Overload, Fuller Projects Gallery, Bloomington, IN 
2009 Next Generation, Charles Taylor Arts Center, Hampton, VA
2009 Genesis, Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Newport News, VA

College of William and Mary Art Collection

The New Yorker, 08/2017
The Chicago Tribune, 08/2017
Salon, 07/2017
Chicago Magazine, 05/2017
Fastcodesign, 04/2017
Comics Reporter, 09/15
From-Sydney, 09/15
PEEK, 10/14/14

2014 Jean Claude Reynal Grant finalist
2014 ACRE resident, Steuben, WI
2011 National Society of Arts and Letters Naomi Winston Art Scholarship
2011 International School of Painting and Drawing, Montecastello, Umbria, Italy