ShopTalk Show Redesign

November 2018

Email from Dan Mall:  “We’d love to work with you.”
…I’m sorry, what?!?
A couple of months ago, I was listening to one of my favorite design and development podcasts, “Shop Talk Show” hosted by Chris Coyier (of CSS-Tricks and Codepen) and Dave Rupert (of Paravel). This particular episode was especially relevant to me because it was all about building a portfolio (#329) and featured Dan Mall (of ….[duh]). 

Here’s Dan’s post about it:

So here’s the story…

I had been studying design and front-end development since April 2018 and was getting ready to put together and code out my portfolio so I was immediately intrigued by this episode.
Towards the end of the episode, they announced that they would be taking applications to be a part of their website redesign project, which would be under the Creative Direction of Dan Mall and have Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert as clients.
Obviously, I was going to apply. Not thinking that I’d stand a chance given my “newbie” status, I took a chance because this would be an amazing opportunity to work with some incredible people in the industry, learn A LOT, and pad my portfolio a bit.
So I applied….. and then didn’t hear anything…. I was pretty disappointed thinking that they just had approximately 248572496 applications and I didn’t make the cut…
But THEN. I get an email from Dan saying they were going through the applications and would like me to answers some more questions. I could hardly contain myself so I wrote back almost immediately…and then didn’t hear anything…. Again, I guess I didn’t make the cut.
But THEN! Another email from Dan saying that they were narrowing down the field and had JUST a few more questions for me. Again, I could hardly contain my excitement so I wrote back again almost immediately….and then didn’t hear anything….
But THEN! The day before Thanksgiving, I get one last email from Dan saying that they would love to work with me and let me know that I would also be working with one other designer, Afyia Smith!! One last time…. I could hardly contain myself!!
Afyia and I each have one last conference call with Dan to go over some further logistics, but after that, we’re good to go!
The plan was to officially kick things off after the start of the new year…. And so I wait. And start brainstorming and researching other podcasts and ideas! And of course, let the imposter syndrome kick in….