Shelter Vulnerability Classification WG - running notes
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Meeting Date: 13 June 2019 15:00 CEST
Present: Neil, Hannoa, Renee, Emese, Nayana, Cecilia 
  • Nayana provided an update on REACH-supported MSNAs  
  • Timeline  for 2019 MSNAs → design phase almost completed for most of the REACH-support MSNAs, might be possible to incorporate for MSNAs in Bangladesh, and potentially CAR, Ukraine
  • Went over comments provided by group on HH analysis for MSNA
  • Core indicators at higher level to understand shelter needs and vulnerabilities 
  • Overall structure is OK
  • Need a methodology for overall severity score 
  • Trying to take a step back and see what the core indicators should be vs. what is good to know
  • One of the core indicators are adequacy of shelter
  • Damage impression indicators are missing
  • We should also look at disability/inclusion and maybe add an indicator to capture particular shelter related vulnerability 
  • Granularity of functionality (energy sources, cooking, heating, etc.) not a core indicator but rather a sub-indicator to inform the core indicator
  • Coping strategies can be defined but the severity weighting to be defined at country level 
  • Identifying cross-cutting indicators that would be relevant for shelter vulnerabilility / severity needs analysis (for e.g. WASH, protection, etc.)
  • Maybe try to reach out to Health Cluster (through Patrice?) to discuss how health indicators can be linked to shelter quality/adequacy 
  • HH’s ability to access basic services (might not be needed  if it’s part of th
  • Any HH level indicators we should factor in for hazard risk exposure? For e.g. perimeter around  X 
  • Key action points
  • Nayana will rework the doc to include our comments and submit to Patrice.
  • the WG will reconvene to also continue the work on the Shelter Cluster vulnerability 
  • Nayana will put WG in touch with person working on GSC Disability & Inclusion WG to see how we can coordinate both work streams 

Meeting Date: 4 June 2019 14:00 CEST
Present: Neil, Lilia, Hannoa, Cecilia, Patrice, Emese

  • Joined by Patrice Chataigner from the JIAG Framework
  • basically three workstreams are ongoing in parallel to which shelter input is needed:
  1. MSNA, revising the questionaires for REACH assessments collecting HH level needs data; ideally to be finalized a version by end of June to be field tested (did I get that right?) and again reviewed…
  1. JIAG: (upon request from ECHO) to understand severity of conditions/needs across sectors (“interterritorial severity model”)in order to help prioritise geographical areas or particularly vulnerable groups as well as to understand the underlying causes of the problem.
  • Is JIAG at regional or household level? - Patrice: it is both but for the time being it is being developed at household level and can be aggregated upwards
  • JIAG is to improve over the next year
  • Hannoa is the primary focal point of the Shelter Cluster to the JIAG initiative
  • JIAG has several components including severity of conditions, why the situation is like it is, organized through these themes: coping mechanisms, Living Standards, Physical and mental well-being
  • JIAG has so far focussed on severity of needs.  Looking for indicators that are useful at household, usually aggregated to a geographical area level.