Shared-memory Programming with OpenMP - online course
ARCHER Training course - Mark Bull - Dates 13th November, 20th November, 27th November and 4th December 2019


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Welcome everyone to the course.  If you have any questions or comments, do feel free to post them here.

Will a completion certificate be given at the end of course?

At the end of the course I will send out a request to everyone to complete the course feedback form, and invite you to send in your solution to the practical task if you would like to receive a completion certificate.  
Mark will set a short simple exercise, based on one of the exercises that will be demonstrated, as a practical task.
The task really will be very simple to complete, so long as you have engaged with the lectures.
You can complete the task on any suitable machine; your own laptop, our machine Cirrus, or a local cluster you are familiar with, whatever you prefer.
You will have up until the end of December to submit your solution, and you will have access to Cirrus till then too.
Does that answer your question ok?
Yes, thank you.

To copy the source code for the exercises on Cirrus, use these commands

cp /home/shared/OpenMP-Online.tar .
tar xvf OpenMP-Online.tar
cd OpenMP-Online

Video of Week1 now on YouTube

Video of Week2 now added

Week 3 video

Week 4 Video