Shared-memory Programming with OpenMP - online course
ARCHER Training course - Mark Bull - Dates 24th October, 31st October, 7th November and 14th November 2018


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Welcome everyone to the course.  If you have any questions or comments, do feel free to post them here.

I get the following issue on Cirrus:
[ddarby@cirrus-login0 ~]$ cp /home/z04/shared/OpenMP-Online.tar .
cp: cannot stat ‘/home/z04/shared/OpenMP-Online.tar’: Permission denied

Try  cp /home/shared/OpenMP-Online.tar .
That works OK for me.
or use

Thanks for the immediate response.

I have a similar problem. It must be the permissions set for the file.
All right, thanks!

No problem - this is the first time we have run this course, or run this topic on cirrus, so we are learning as we go too!

That’s okay. I understand and thanks for running this online course.
I want to scp to the server but my command does not work
scp OpenMP-Online.tar
Hi Vincent - is this to download a copy of the materials into your own directory?
Yes. I wanted to try a different approach where i copy from my local machine to the server. 
I have already used wget to get it anyway.

Mark is looking at the sharing permissions for the /home/z04/shared folder…
   /home/shared/OpenMP-Online.tar .
has the right share permissions

From wk3 session: Q&A
I've got a question regarding last week's exercise: If I want to use an environment variable to vary the kind of schedule I use in the "omp for" directive, I know how to set it, but how do I reference it in "#pragma omp for schedule( ... )" ?
Answer:   #pragma omp for schedule(runtime)
Thanks! Only just realised that "OMP_SCHEDULE" is a predefined environment variable