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Change Management | Organizations in the 21st Century

Is your industry undergoing a change? Is your organization being asked to do more with less & it's no longer business as usual?  Wise has spent the last 5 years studying how the 21st Century is impacting the organizational form, examining:  the shift from product to services; the move from urban to rural; the impact of technological change; and the rise of collaboration and crowdsourcing. Through social networks and relations tasks get accomplished, knowledge gets shared and most of all work gets done. At the dawn of the 21st century, knowledge has quickly become the key asset of commerce. Today, Connect and Collaborate is replacing Command and Control.  Gone are Top-Down leadership styles, replaced with collaborative open networks. If your organization needs to be more adaptive to more resilient to change, if you want a happier, more engaged workforce, then you need to adapt to the reality of organizations in the 21st Century.

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