Sean Korten README
I did an AMA! Check it out here:

My Home Office Setup

This is my setup for working from home.  I assembled this kit in 2016 and 2017 before joining Armory.  Below is a list of links to all the things still available for purchase. I would absolutely recommend everything on this list:

  • This is the single best bit of kit I have.  I have Zoom/Hangouts/Slack configured to use this for input (mic) and output (voice) and it works fantastic.  Everything else goes through the JBLs and I can mute that independently.
  • These are 2k IPS displays with a fantastic picture, and the MBP can drive them both easily (doesn’t slow down the laptop)
  • For the Logitech C920 to mount in between the two monitors.
  • I remapped the Alt key to the Command key, and Windows key to the Alt key
  • Going to replace this eventually with a Herman-Miller

I really dislike messy cabling, so I made extensive use of zip-ties to bundle up most of the cables (highly recommend this). They are cheap to buy in bulk so if I want to move something I snip them and just use a new one.