Scioly Assassination 134: Cyberstrike
Username: Assassinator
Password: spookyszn

  1. The officers will be the next five people who express their interest by posting below. Those who PM correct answers to the clue will receive 1 accusation. Put in a bit of thought before posting. If you have not been around for awhile, it is less likely that you will be able to identify us.
  1. There will be no "informants", but civilians may post.
  1. People will die. There might be some exceptions. We may kill administrators or moderators.  In return for the peacefulness of death, we ask that they not reveal our identities
  1. Officers may protect one person per clue.
  1. Once an officer has made three incorrect accusations, that officer is dead.
  1. Dead officers may be replaced three times. To fill an empty officer spot, you must solve the current kill clue and PM the solution to us. You may not post the answer to that clue.
  1. There are two Assassinators.
  1. The assassinators will provide clues which plainly point to their next victim, and occasionally to themselves.
  1. The assassinators may or may not continue to post with their true accounts, and may provide hints there.
  1. When accusing someone of being an Assassinator you must use the following template "I accuse (place name here) because (give reason here)." If you don't use this template when accusing the accusation won't count.
  1. Once "killed" a user may not post about the identity of either assassinator. “Ghost posts” are allowed, but dead people may not post about clues.
  1. Each clue will last 48 hours, after which the Assassinators will make the kill. Protects may be changed during the 48 hours.
  1. If the Assassinators do not reply in 7 days after all protects are made, each officer gets a free accusation. However that accusation must be made next time the user posts and cannot be stored as an extra one to use later.
  1. Officers start with zero accusations.
  1. The Assassinators win after 15 incorrect accusations have been made, but the number needed to win goes down by one with each kill.
  1. The Assassinators reserve the right to change any rules as they deem necessary.

Game Start (Officer Entry Clue):
Trainees, welcome to the Spire. The Spire is home to the single most powerful signal transmitter in the solar system. This is the most powerful piece of technology ever built - actually, let me rephrase that - it will be the most powerful piece of technology ever built. See, it’s still in the Beta phase. The problem is, trainees, that we have painted a target on our backs. Every country, every terrorist organization, every hacker in the world wants control of our transmitter. Let’s not give those people the power to take control of our world. Easier said than done. We have ghosts in the system, hackers coming at us from every angle, and traitors in our midst. Based on the little data we’ve been able to collect, we have found two individuals to be responsible for almost all of the successful attacks against us so far. They are ghosts -  we have not found any personal information. They are incredibly adept at hiding their digital footprints, but we are sure that they are amongst us.
Currently, we have no other information to share, except for a file transcript (shopping list) we attached below - apparently, our potent adversaries also enjoy bananas. We are looking for some sort of secret message, but we have been unable to find any so far. The first five people to post below will receive officer positions. Out of those five people, those who solve the clue shall receive an accusation.
Shopping List
        Two Dozen Eggs
        Four Banana Cream Pies (yum!)
        Seven Cookies
        Two Milks (Garelick Farms please, they’re on sale)
        Seven Bananas!
Answer: OASIS
Explanation: Shopping List Code - take the number, count that number along the line per letter.
2 = O
4 = A
7 = S
2 = I
7 = S

The Officers are:
  • JoeyC - 1 accusation
  • Longivitis - 1 accusation
  • linzhiyan - 1 accusation
  • LittleMissNyan - 1 accusation
  • TheMysteriousMapMan - 0 accusations

Clue 1:
Target - Anomaly