Sample remote usability testing script (Public)


Welcome! My name is (insert your name) and I’m (insert your role). Thank you for taking the time to participate in this usability test. It shouldn't take longer than (insert time) minutes. The basic structure of the session will be a few pre-test questions, a series of tasks, then a few post-test questions.

As you complete each task, please think aloud and describe your steps, or what you are looking for. Your comments are what is very important to us—we ask that you give open and candid opinions, both good and bad.

Feel free to ask for clarification if needed, but I will be neutral throughout the test. Keep in mind we are testing the software/feature/product, not you, so there are no wrong answers in this test.

Try to complete the tasks as if you were doing this for real. Spend as little or as much time as you normally would doing these tasks. It is OK if you cannot complete each task, and we may not get to every task.

Do I have your permission to record this session?

If so, I'll just record our audio and the screen. Later, I may post the highlights from this test online. Your name or any other personally identifiable information will not be associated with the data.

Any questions before we begin?

Edit questions below depending on the testing needs

Pre-session Questions:

What do you do?
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What are your expectations with the feature?
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How do you expect it to work?
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How was your past experience? What was your pain/pleasure points?
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What are the most important things you would like to do with this feature?
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Record the user conducting a series of tasks. No more than 5 tasks.
Make sure the order of tasks makes sense.
Ask the user how they feel about doing the task once they’re done.
Introduce each tasks as a user scenario. 

Example: “You’re looking for some new ways to cook beans. Download an ebook with recipes.” 

A scenario provides some context and makes the task more natural for the user. The more naturally participants perform the task, the better the data you will get as a result.