Adventures with Bitcoin
It took a few years from being initially dismissive, then cautiously optimistic about bitcoin (as a currency). As I've learned more, I've become increasingly convinced not only is Bitcoin the protocol/technology (which I will reference as the blockchain in this doc for disambiguation) incredibly important, but that bitcoin the currency is actually quite viable. I had lost my old prehistoric wallet and coins (sadly, most were attached to an ancient mining pool that no longer exists from 2010/2011), but in the Summer/Fall of 2013, I started trying out some conversions, opening a Coinbase account, etc.
I hold a small amount of bitcoin that I'm treating primarily as an extremely speculative asset class (I wouldn't even know how to begin calculating the risk - it's certainly lowly correlated with just about everything else, but has incredible systemic risk and could easily go down to zero), but I'm interested to see if/when it becomes convenient for me to use in regular transactions, as that's really why it's valuable.

About Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?
Digital money that is not controlled by any single person, corporation, or government
  • Wiki - covers tons and tons of general and technical information in depth
  • The original white paper. Pretty short.
  • History
Conversations about Bitcoin (Primers): does a very good job of digesting / condensing information from /r/bitcoin, bitcointalk, bitcoin-development, etc. and covers most of the major issues (pros/cons) succinctly
Forums / Lists
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  • Best trading view (order book, candlesticks)
  • Adoption metrics
  • vs Other Payment Network
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