These protocols are here for finding the most suitable way of contribution to Hulya’s PhD research on “Building Knowledge Commons for Commons Architecture.” And as all part of the research the protocols are also open for transformation, subversion or abolition. 

In any of the pages related to research, any comments and simple corrections are welcome, please do not hesitate to intervene. The infrastructure of the Paper allows us to track the changes and undo some actions, if necessary. 

The main idea is to create dissensus. Only through this we can generate a critical base for discussion.   

  • “Only if the third path/voice takes consistency in the direction of self-reference— carrying us form the consensual media era to the dissensual post-media era – will each be able to assume his or her processual potential and, perhaps, transform this planet – a living hell for over three quarters of its population – into a universe of creative enchantments.” Félix Guattari, ‘Regimes, Pathways, Subjects’, Gary Genosko (ed.), The Guattari Reader, Oxford/Cambridge Mass.: Blackwell, 1996, p.104. 

The way for dissensus is two-fold. First is through comments on the existing page. If this amount of intervention is not considered enough, the second way is through multiplication. Copy-paste all content to a new pad, make the link of the new pad available on the main pad. For the management of the content rooted from one page, the following definitions, detournamented from Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, might help us. 

primary universe is the main content to work on. [S]
parallel universe is the multiplied content someone is working on, this might replace the primary universe. [-S]
alternative universe is also a multiplied content but different in its strong contradiction to primary universe. it might evolve into another primary universe or even replace the existing one. [Š]
alternative parallel universe is multiplied from the parallel universe in occurence of a strong contradiction. it might evolve into parallel universe or primary. [-Š]

“Thus -S was a simple not-S, and not-S was the stronger anti-S; while antinot- S was for Michel the skullcracking negation of a negation, either a neutralizing of the initial opposition, or the union of the two negations…” Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars
S | -S: not-S | Š: anti-S | -Š: anti-not-S

milestones is to keep track of important alterations in the text, to record who, when and how contributed to knowledge production. Hulya will take care of updating the milestones.


primary universe: +What is Commons Architecture? by Hulya Ertas & Burak Pak