The Hot Take episode
This week we offer hot takes on a whole bunch of topics including: COBOL, Unikernels, AWS Bottlerocket, Zoom, Slack, Circle CI, Marketplaces and IBM.

Relevant to your interests

  • are no processes
  • Unikernels are entirely undebuggable
  • By depriving application developers of the tools of a user protection boundary, the principle of least privilege is violated: any vulnerability in an application tautologically roots the unikernel
  • Envoy and Istio are deployed together. Although Envoy is far behind the leader for Kubernetes ingress (19% vs. 62% for NGINX), that changes among the 18% of the study that uses Istio in production as a service mesh.
  • Knative’s popularity hurts installable software alternatives for serverless.
  • 39% of respondents are using a service mesh technology in production and another 46% are evaluating something.
  • Slack, Teams and Conferencing
  • Apple was forced to step in to secure millions of Macs after a security researcher found Zoom failed to disclose that it installed a secret web server on users’ Macs
  • Zoom was quietly sending data to Facebook about a user’s Zoom habit
  • Zoom came under fire again for its “attendee tracking” feature, which, when enabled, lets a host check if participants are clicking away from the main Zoom window during a call.
  • Then there’s Zoombombing, where trolls take advantage of open or unprotected meetings and poor default settings
  • IBM
  • CircleCI 
  • Apple