SDG Team 5: Mo Pam’
SDG School 2019, Paris

 User scenario
 For the children under 6 years old.
 Press one of the two big buttons. The letters will light up. Listen carefully to what the voice says. Then you can repeat after her what you heard.
 For children from 6 to 10 years old.
 Open the box. Draw a card, read the word on one side and put it on the table, letting the image appear. Trigger the clock and follow the spelling your classmate is doing. Pay attention to the sentene he/she will build.

Project identity

Name: Knowledge for all
Tagline: One school serving all.
Team members: 4
Name Surname
Skills / Team role


It’s a pleasure for us to present our project. It’s an Educational Interactive Device, that every child can use to provide a way to self learning. Through this device, the children will improve in spelling… And also, they will be able to relearn grammar rules while having fun.


Process and motivation

How did the project come to life? How does it match your skills and motivation?
There are some children who have difficulty to learn  grammar and to spell some words. If for some of them, it is because they are dyslexic; for others, it is because they do not master the spelling of words. So, that’s why we invented a game:  "Mo pam’’. 
It's an accompanying game that  school and  family will be able to use to supervise children presenting this difficulty of learning.

  Statistical data

User persona, data collection


Documentation divided by iterations (Pictures / code / drawings / text)


Prototype #1 

  1. hypothesis      
  • We hope to help children under 6 years old and aged 6 to 10, with a low cost electronic and automated device.