S21 Penn Art of the Web: Names and Code of Conduct 
Preferred Name & phonetic spelling
Gender pronouns
Current location & time zone
Nika Simovich Fisher
Nika (nee-kuh)
Queens, NY (EST)
Daniel William Duggal
Daniel (dah-nih-yuhl)
Denver, CO (MST)
Olutayo O Fawibe
Tayo (tie-oh)
Philadelphia (EST)
Erin E Hayes
Erin (air-rin)
Philadelphia, PA (EST)
Marlies D Jongens
Marlies (maar leez)
Philadelphia, PA (EST)
Mia Y Kim
Mia (me-uh)
Philadelphia (EST)
 Brian V Nguyen
Brian (bry-en)
Philadelphia (EST)
Sarah Katherine Nowell
Sarah (sair - uh)
Philadelphia (EST)
Ashley Qin
Ashley (ash-lee)
Queens, NY (EST)
Zoe G Roman
Zoe (zoh-ee)
Philadelphia (EST)
Eleanor B Shemtov
Ellie (el-ee)
Philadelphia (EST)
Olivia S Tang
Olive (ah-live)
Philadelphia (EST)
Sabrina C Tian
Sabrina (suh-bree-nuh)
Philadelphia, PA (EST)
Zining Liang
Zining (zin-ning)
Philadelphia, PA (EST)

Code of Conduct

At the start of each semester, we will create a group agreement, otherwise known as a code of conduct that has been written collectively. (As a reference, we might refer to the School for Poetic Computation’s code of conduct).

Each person must add at least two items! Please list below

Classroom Agreement

Our Values 

  • Active open-mindedness
  • Artistic & technical collaboration
  • Respect for the content created and those that created it
  • Being open to vulnerability in our work
  • Learn and grow from mistakes, allow ourselves to be kind and follow the creative process.
  • Creating an understanding environment 
  • Personal accountability and integrity

We Do

  • Allow ourselves to be open to constructive criticism
  • Provide useful feedback to our peers
  • Respect that everyone comes from different levels of skill and experience with different softwares and mediums
  • Be patient with ourselves and learning new tools & concepts
  • Cultivate a greater sense of responsibility
  • Be open to stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something new 
  • Share skills, resources, and ideas with one another 
  • Encourage classmates in their endeavors
  • Allow people enough time to explain their thoughts
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Produce ethical and thoughtful work
  • Assume positive or at least neutral intent of others
  • Create an open and inclusive community

We Don’t Do