Rustdoc issue roundup (WG-docs-rustdoc)
Lead: QuietMisdreavus
Chat: WG-docs-rustdoc
Rustdoc is part of the main Rust repo, so it uses Rust’s Contribution Guidelines

Getting Started

Look through the “Any issue marked A-rustdoc" or the “Curated list” links below and find something that sounds interesting. Soon i’d like to have more issues with mentoring instructions - i’ll add a proper link to A-rustdoc  + E-mentor" once i’m okay with it - but for now i’ll have to start with the daunting full list. >_>

Don’t worry about something seeming “too big” to be mentored; if it’ll take a lot of work i’ll probably just start thinking through what needs to happen. If it start getting to “massive rework of (thing)” that’s when i’ll stop. (Most things don’t need this! At most i’ll just have to pull in some proper compiler people to see what’s available to rustdoc.)

Then come hang out in the gitter room so i can give you a tour of the relevant areas. If i’m not available (i live in the US-Central time zone and am most active during the business day) then i can leave an explainer for the backlog, since Gitter saves that between loads, even when you’re not online. (If IRC is your thing then come to #rust-docs or #rust-dev-tools, but we want to see “impl period” stuff happen on Gitter more >_>)


By the end of the impl period, we should:
  • Close a substantial portion of A-rustdoc issues
  • Introduce new people to rustdoc’s codebase
  • Make Steve’s job harder by introducing more features that the new rustdoc has to implement to get to parity >_>

Open work items

I’ve been slowly walking through the list, oldest-first, to categorize them by how much effort i think they’d require. Issues in the “legwork” category should make for a good introduction to the codebase, since you won’t have to re-architect things to get it solved.

I’ve written a couple overviews of working with the Rust codebase and rustdoc in particular:

Completed work items

Whenever i get a new person mentored, or a major A-rustdoc issue gets closed, i’ll be sure to list it here! Otherwise, i’ll try to keep a count of issues over time, to view progress.
  • 2017-09-18 (baseline): 213 Open, 644 Closed
  • 2017-10-02: 208 Open, 656 Closed
  • 3 new still-open issues, 4 duplicates closed, 4 regular issues closed