Lead: Mark-Simulacrum
Chat: WG-infra-rustbuild

Getting started

The best way to start is to read this document, then join the chat and say hello! We’ll help you from there.


By the end of the impl period, we should:
  • Support per-test paths instead of --test-args: ./ test ./src/test/compile-fail/ should just work.
  • Utilize Cargo more than we do today
  • @Aaron T will reach out to see if we can get experimental std-aware and libtest-aware Cargo during the impl period
  • Fix existing issues

Stretch Goals

  • Implement testing for at least portions of the build system (integration tests are likely, though not preferable)
  • Review & rework host/build/target distinction into something more readily understandable: librustc target (full compile) vs libstd target.
  • Skip stage 0 in most local configurations
  • Look into possible time savings by compiling less

Open work items

  • This can be a link to a github search (e.g. “impl period milestone + E-mentored”)
  • It can also include manually-curated items

  • Utilize build scripts to declare dependencies instead of wiping out directories

Completed work items

  • Group these by date for making a summary of work done (every two weeks or so)