Rust Async Ecosystem WG Meetings


  • Announcements
  • Working Group is shutting down; the MVP is ready, and other teams/organizations are able to move the ecosystem forward
  • It’s up to the owners of the repositories to decide what’s happen next to them (moving to private accounts for example
  • Office Hours


  • Office hours
  • Yosh didn’t do the github permissions yet
  • New version of async-std was published today
  • LucioFranco hasn’t found time to look at the website yet; going to do that after Colorado GoldRust
  • There’s a new potential user of async-compression that Nemo157 wants to check in on


  • Office Hours
  • Maintainers handbook?
  • Some central documentation on what maintainers responsibilities are
  • Core maintainers
  • Per-repo primary points of contact for making any sort of hard decisions
  • GitHub org roles
  • review + commit vs publish
  • => We decided to introduce GitHub teams to visualize and highlight people involved in each repositories and who is responsible for reviews, merges etc. @yoshua w will map out a plan and create the structure on GitHub (after he pinged the people involved/on the list)
  • RFC process on Tide
  • => Issues instead of RFC seems sufficient enough for now, since the RFC process didn’t really caught on
  • Discuss the content we should provide and create issues around the next steps
  • @Lucio F will start bringing back to life and start publishing blog posts around the working group and repos we manage


  • Reminder to write minutes
  • Working Group Updates
  • RFC Triage
  • Six-Week Sprint (2019-06-27 — 2019-08-08)
  • We're going to move the meetings from a weekly basis to bi-weekly
  • Sprints aren't working out great for us because among other things the timeline is too long (6 weeks), so instead we'll use the meetings to recap what's happened, and what we plan to work on.
  • We should be providing content to the community and interacting with them via this content, tinaun + luciofranco will be taking the lead on this


  • Reminder to write minutes
  • Working Group Updates
  • RFC Triage
  • Six-Week Sprint (2019-06-27 — 2019-08-08)
  • Status updates
  • tide
  • Working on a new design to simplify end-user API
  • HTTP client to be released in a few weeks
  • Add WG agenda items here…
  • Office Hours
  • Add questions/topics here…