Retrenchment cover
means the termination of your employment by your employer because of poor 
market conditions or the liquidation of the business or any other business decision
of the employer that results in reducing staff.

What we insure

Premiums in the event of redundancy and retrenchment

What we do not insure
We do not pay the premiums for this policy for retrenchment or redundancy if:
  • you have not paid any premiums due on this policy;
  • you are retrenched or made redundant within the first 90 (ninety) days of the start
       date of this section; 
  • you accept voluntary retrenchment; 
  • you are unemployed because you retire or resign; 
  • you are unemployed because you fall pregnant or give birth; 
  • your work is seasonal; 
  • your fixed-term contract ends, or you finish the job you were specifically 
     employed to do;
  • you lose your job because you are found guilty of fraud, dishonesty or any
      misconduct on your part; 
  • you lose your job because of any illegal strike that you took part in or any lock-out 
      by your employer;
  • you abscond from your job. To abscond means to leave your job in a secret and
     sudden manner; 
  • you are employed in the informal sector; 
  • you are self-employed.