Resolute Type 4

Starting Point

The original idea for this typeface came from missing image source files which caused images in InDesign to render at extremely low resolution.

Translation / Visual Research

The typeface Pound Grotesque (by Zack Robbins) was submitted to a rigorous set of diminutive treatments. The most extreme cases (@ 1dpi) led to completely abstract and illegible characters. Instead of including various weights (light, regular, bold), the long-term intention is to include various resolutions with this family (1-6dpi). For now, 4dpi was the style I decided to push forward.


Each character was coded using the mentality and vocabulary of carving metal type. Each character is called a “punch” and is made of “units.” The punch includes room for ascenders and descenders and a particular line height so as to not require additional “leading.: The punches also include an inherent “side bearing” so that extra spacing is not required.

Because of it’s construction, each “unit” or pixel can be fully manipulated to transform into different shapes and can carry <transform> or <animate> tags.

In Use for Sunsetter

Resolute type was used for the Sunsetter website.