Research Plan — Product Alert Redesign — Unmoderated/Remote

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Project Details

Author: Mike
Squad: SCONE
Stakeholders: Tom X, Laura Lucas, Angelica Karlsson, Qin Su, Kirsten Sorbie, 
Reviewers: Elizabeth Hansen, Jaime Robb





Throughout 2018 we’ve made ~£1.2mil GP from sending product alert emails to customers, providing them with the latest offers from the credit cards and loans markets. However, the content and design has remained largely unchanged throughout this time. 

There is a desire within the business to update and refresh the design of our alerts, to make them even better for our customers as well as more lucrative from a revenue point of view. While we have a lot of quantitative data we can look at (open rates, click through rates) it would be useful to gather set of qualitative feedback, to help better understand what our customers think about our product alerts in terms of clarify of information, perception, timeliness, and relevance. 


Primary Objective/Goal

We want to re-design our product alert emails, but need to do so from an informed position. To help us identify where we should prioritise our efforts and what we should focus on, we should speak to our customers in order to establish why some customers click out and apply for credit from our product alert emails, and why some do not complete this journey.

Secondary Objective(s) / Goal(s)

  • Ascertain whether the information we are sending clear and understandable
  • Learn what (if any) information is missing that customers would prefer to know up-front.
  • Learn what the user feels about the TOV used
  • Does the customer understand the core message/value prop

Visual Design 
  • What’s the most important information on the page?
  • Layout/structure easy to understand.
  • Does the email feel professional and trustworthy?
  • What does the customer think about TM as a result of seeing this email?

  • How often would a customer expect to receive an email of this nature?
  • What would you expect to happen after you click/tap out of the email?
  • Would the customer expect to get the offer advertised?


Materials / Assets Required