Remix the Giant Plastic Tap - Photoshop Challenge!

1. Join the facebook group, which is our hub to ask any questions and get inspired!

2. Download Assets here

3. Examine non-profit Call to Actions in case you need some inspiration for your art here

4. Create! If you are using stock or other third-party content, please make sure it is appropriately licensed.

5. Please consider making behind-the-scenes videos/photos of you creating and/or speed edits (or Photoshop Plugin) of your creation which can be used to promote your work!
6. Please give your file the following name format @InstagramName_ImageTitle.jpg

7. Upload files here if you wish to make your images available to press and media!

8. If you have behind the scenes footage and/or photos, please upload them here

@InstagramName_BTS_1,2,3, etc…

9.Post images to your social channels with #TurnOffThePlasticTap #GiantPlasticTap  and @VonWong in your description on Instagram and Facebook.

Feel free to mention  @centreculturelcanadien, @[non-profit], or @[brand sponsors] so that we/they can easily feature you too!

  1. Check the prizes out here, and check out the links to see how you can have more chances to win!

Copyright - All work created from the Giant Plastic Tap files will be automatically licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial 4.0 International License. Non-profits and press can share with attribution on their social channels. In short, you can reproduce the work you create on your social channels and website(s) or in other ways connected with Giant Plastic Tap as long as you provide attribution to @VonWong, but you cannot use the work for any commercial purposes without our consent. Likewise, we can reproduce the work you create on our social channels and website(s) and allow other people to use it as long as it’s in connection with Giant Plastic Tap and we provide attribution to you whenever it’s feasible, but we also cannot use the work for commercial purposes without your consent.  

Examples from other creators