#RejectTanden Social Media Toolkit
Monday, February 22
12 pm (noon) PST/3 pm ET

President Biden has nominated Neera Tanden to be the director of the Office of Management and Budget, despite the fact that she has spent the last decade opposing progressive policies and raising massive amounts of money for her think tank from wealthy donors representing corporate interests or foreign governments including the United Arab Emirates dictatorship. 

Tanden has become known as one of the most prominent anti-progressive voices of the neoliberal establishment. She has expressed support for cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. 

As OMB Director, Tanden would get to set fiscal and personnel policy for federal agencies, and oversee regulatory processes across the executive branch. Her coziness with corporate elites, however, raises questions about her ability to effectively and equitably regulate. As The Washington Post recently reported: she has “mingled with deep-pocketed donors who made their fortunes on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley and in other powerful sectors of corporate America.” Furthermore, “at formal pitches and swanky fundraisers, Tanden personally cultivated the bevy of benefactors fueling the $45 million to $50 million annual budget” of her think tank, the Center for American Progress.

We oppose her nomination to this important role. 

Join us for a twitter storm on Monday, February 22 at 12 pm (noon) PST calling for the rejection of Neera Tanden’s nomination to OMB Director. Use our sample tweets and photos, or craft your own using our messaging tips. 

Make sure to email to your Senators! Use our pre-drafted email template here: bit.ly/rejecttanden

Make sure to use our hashtags: #RejectTanden 
Accounts to amplify: @Roots_Action and @PeopleforBernie
When copying our sample tweets, include the photos we’ve attached below each of them. You can grab additional ones from our graphics section as well. 

SAMPLE TWEETS (copy and paste in Twitter)
  1. Neera Tanden's nomination is in jeopardy. Join the #RejectTanden twitter storm RIGHT NOW and tell the Democratic Party that we want an OMB director that is for the people, not for corporate & foreign interests

    You can find sample tweets and graphics here: bit.ly/rejecttandentoolkit

  1. There have been nearly 20k emails sent to Senators opposing Neera Tanden's nomination. The Senate Budget Committee votes on Wednesday and her nomination is in jeopardy

  • Make sure they hear you - use a pre-drafted email template here: bit.ly/rejecttanden #RejectTanden

  1. The Senate Budget Committee is voting on Wednesday and @SenSanders hasn’t pledged his support for Neera Tanden yet. Make sure he knows he needs to oppose Tanden’s nomination. #RejectTanden https://twitter.com/mkraju/status/1362891482349391873

  1. The Senate Budget Committee votes on Neera Tanden’s nomination on Wednesday and @SenSanders hasn’t said how he’ll vote. Let him know he needs to vote no! #RejectTanden

  1. Joe Manchin is voting to oppose Neera Tanden. We need other Democratic senators to follow @Sen_JoeManchin’s lead. #RejectTanden https://www.newsweek.com/manchin-wont-support-neera-tanden-omb-director-putting-biden-pick-jeopardy-1570673 

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