Redesign Shopping Experience at Shopee — English


In this exercise I will try to redesign the shopping experience at Shopee. I use the Design Sprint method to complete the challenge. Though usually, design sprint involved a team, in this case, I will do it by myself.

As a context, I am here acting as if as I am a  Product Designer at Shopee in the Shopping Experience team. Where the scope includes the homepage, search, product details, and checkout.

In real life, I will involve PM and researchers to collaborate in making decisions including considering specific team metrics and Shopee's business metrics in general. But because the nature of this exercise does not involve the team as a whole (based only on data in the app review) I try to make the decisions objectively by estimating the consideration of team members.

Priority UX Issue

Based on the data available from the app review, Shopee has 82 problems related to iOS and or Android applications. But because there are some redundancy, then I combine the data and total to 76 Problems.

The prioritization uses the Severity (user value) and Effort (effort by the organization) matrix. Each variable has a value of 0-4. For the explanation as follows:

0 = I don't agree that this is a usability problem at all
1 = Cosmetic problem only: need not be fixed unless extra time is available on the project
2 = Minor usability problem: fixing this should be given low priority
3 = Major usability problem: important to fix, so should be given high priority
4 = Usability catastrophe: imperative to fix this before the product can be released

* Note: Reference severity rating is based on NNGroup
To make setting priorities easier, I gather all the data into one spreadsheet, then prioritization of each issue.

From the prioritization above, the issue chosen has severity 4 and effort 2-3. For this exercise I did not consider several technical issues such as lag, bugs and app crashes. But in real life I will coordinate with the engineer on the team whether I can solve the problem.

As a result, I found a number of important issues that have a topic that is close to each other or as one flow, namely as follows:

User Feedback (in app review)

  • Buyer could not complete checkout.
  • Buyer said the checkout process was complex.
  • Buyer complained about how the app auto-select all product in the cart. App should let buyers manually select. (2 comments) + (3 comments)

Therefore in this exercise I will specifically solve problems related to flow shopping experience.

Because the data in the app review is not quite detailed. I conducted a telephone interview with 5 of my friends who are Shopee users, both those who shop frequently or rarely. The goal is that research results become balanced. Here are some of the findings.

Phone Interview (Key Findings)

  • 4/5 uses Shopee to buy specific items that have been previously thought. So they go directly to the search field form instead of going to the category page.
  • 4/5 wants product recommendations that are trending in right now
  • 3/5 having difficulty deciding which products to buy because supporting data such as ratings and reviews are hard to find.
  • 3/5 feel frustrated on the checkout page because it's too messy. They must examine the information one by one in detail.

Long Term Goal

To solve this problem, a long term goal is needed so that the solution made is more scalable than just ordinary improvement.

In 2 years time…

In 2 years time Shopee will be the fastest and the simple marketplace to find any product in any platform with affordable and comparable prices.

After knowing the long term goal, we can make a question that is a solution to some of the problems that users have felt before.