Red Victorian Guest Guide
🏩 Welcome to the Red Victorian! 🏩 

This guide will help answer your questions about staying at the Red Vic! If you have anything to add or want to find something out, fill out this form and we’ll add it in!



We provide some basic foods during your stay! Anything you find, you can eat! Here are some foods you might find:
  • Local seasonal fruits, delivered every 2 weeks from local farmers from FruitRollUp
  • Pastries and sweets from Wholesome Bakery delivered every Tuesday and Thursday. (these are vegan and gluten free among other things)!
  • Coffee and tea
  • A kitchen stocked with vegetables, cereals, mylks, grains, cans of soup, and other surprises!

We have a kitchen on the first floor, which is open to use by everybody! Please do your own dishes and a couple extra, and put away a few dry dishes. We have cookware, a stove, plenty of plates, bowls, eating utensils, etc.

There are grocery stores all around:
  • Haight St Market/Gus’s: 1530 Haight St, less than 5 minute walk. Popular local market
  • Whole Foods: 690 Stanyan (On corner of Haight and Golden Gate Park). Supermarket with wide food selection and prepared foods.
  • Haight & Cole Liquors: 1699 Haight St, Haight and Cole. Very close convenience store open very late, has snacks, wine, alcohol, and basic necessities.

Feel free to make extra to share or cook for yourself! If you’d like to store items for personal consumption, please label them with your name and the date to throw out by, and please clean it out before you leave.