🍉︎React / Framer Summer Challenge


Coding experience is not required to enter this challenge. However, I assume that you have experience with HTML/CSS. If you are new to programming or React, I recommend you to watch these videos before coming to the webinars:

Note: You don’t need to install Framer X until the third week. We’ll be all in CodeSandbox for the first two weeks.


After you finish watching the videos above, review the content you’ve just learned with this little Flashcard app I built for you. I’ll add more cards after each webinar.

This is the first embarrassing version of this feature and I hope to get an idea whether people will find it useful. If it indeed helps, I’ll improve the design (and other aspects)!

If you want to add your own cards or have other suggestions, let me know!


There will be two lecture webinars and an office hour session every week. The webinars are scheduled on 10-11:30 AM PDT Monday, Wednesday and 10-11AM PDT Friday. See here if you are in other timezones. Add this Google Calendar so you won’t forget (scroll down to see the actual schedule).

The content of each lecture is entirely driven by a prototype example, e.g. a toggle or a slider. We’ll cover 8-9 prototypes during the program — roughly 1 prototype per lecture.

Here’s a preliminary schedule, which I might adjust according to your feedback. To better plan your time, check out this worksheet for the details of all the coding topics that’d be covered.

The webinar links below are for replay too. They’ll be available until July 1st, 2019.

Week 1

  • Kicking off
  • Toggle
  • Slider
  • Office hour - Friday June 7

Week 2

Add this Google Calendar if you haven’t yet.
  • Another way to implement Slider
  • Mouse Parallax
  • RadioGroup
  • Office hour

Week 3

Add this Google Calendar if you haven’t yet.

Week 4

Add this Google Calendar if you haven’t yet.