👨‍💻 Raul Perte, Designer
Welcome to my live résumé. 


I'm a designer currently living in Cluj-Napoca, and until recently consulted for Deutsche Bank. Before that, I led design at Stoovo in a friendly and remote environment, helping tens of thousands of students cut down their monthly costs and matching them with gigs. Many of the projects I've been involved with try hard to improve how we live today and I couldn't be more proud putting some effort towards that direction. I'm a firm believer that successful design teams prototype, test, iterate and work together using design for good to help and enrich the lives of others.

Projects and Employment

  • 📱Yunar by Deutsche Bank (2018 - 2019) 🆕
I was the first product designer at Yunar, a digital venture from Deutsche Bank that allows people to digitise their loyalty cards and helps them to find the most effective way to manage their budgets by using coupons, offers, etc. I helped setup a design team, then create and implement a design system and mobile framework for interacting with different types of UI components while supporting front-end engineering.

  • 📱Stoovo (2016 - 2018)
Stoovo is an YC backed fintech company that helps people get out of debts by matching them with simple gigs that could use their skills. During my time at Stoovo, I helped define the product and its strategy, conducted user research, created a visual identity, designed the mobile apps and website, implemented a simple-to-use design system to increase the consistency. I published a short description of my time at Stoovo here.

I helped Funding Societies design their first mobile apps and identity. 

WeatherKit is a side-project turned into a small business that I started with my brother Adrian in 2014, when we both started learning Swift. Through an innovative gesture-based design, the app was featured by Apple for its design and is currently serving over 100 000 people around the world. 
I designed everything, from doing the branding to designing weather icons and then translating them to Swift, to coding the website. 

  • 👨‍💻 B2B Media Web (2013 - 2014)
I joined B2B’s small design team in 2013 as a designer, where I worked with clients like Shopify and Avon, alongside a larger number of B2B clients.

  • Freelance (2012 → present)

Other shorter projects that I can mention were with DuckDuckGo, SoundCloud, Samsung, Microsoft, Voya.ai, ramp, MotionFigures and many others. 



  • Social Sciences at “George Baritiu” National College (2013) 
  • Accountancy at “Alexandru Borza” High School (2019 → 2013) 


📬 perteraul@gmail.com
💻 perte.io