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Keynote Presentations:

• Beyond Bitcoin – Understanding the Basics of Blockchain (Without All the Hype and Jargon)

Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency. The buzzwords are everywhere, but what is all of it, how does it work, and how is it changing businesses? Bitcoin, the hotly-hyped digital currency, is just the beginning: From shared contracts to tamper-proof land registries, to the new generation of social networks, the decentralized nature of the blockchain has the potential to be the next great technology. With her signature approach of breaking down complex topics, and slashing confusing jargon, Ramona will educate the room on what it might mean for your business.

Key Takeaways
  • A foundational understanding of what the blockchain is.
  • A customized approach to how it can simplify complex processes in your sector.

• AI is Everywhere

The robot revolution is happening, and artificial intelligence is everywhere, from manufacturing and transportation, to finance, customer service… and even creative industries. With the launch of fully automated Amazon convenience stores and the proliferation of social media chatbots that engage with customers, smart machines are changing the face of business in the 21st century. But what does this rapid rise of AI mean for the workforce, and for your business? 

In this presentation, Ramona will provide your audience with an insider’s view on the spread of AI is across all sectors. With a look ahead at what’s coming, this talk will give you the tools to plan for the future and set your organization up for success.

• Surviving and Thriving in an Era of Disruption: Preparing the Next Generation for a Changing World

The world is changing quickly. As much as 40% of the human workforce is predicted to be displaced by robotics and artificial intelligence over the coming decades, with automation reaching into sectors once thought to be safe from disruption, including medicine, the financial sector and journalism. In light of this massive shift, the World Economic Forum estimates that the majority of children entering primary schools today will ultimately work in new job types and functions that currently don't yet exist. So how do we prepare students?

Key Takeaways:
  • The skillsets required for the jobs of tomorrow.
  • The strategies needed to successfully manage the transition into the age of automation.

• Understanding the Allure of Digital Technology and Predicting Future Trends

With over 2 billion Facebook users worldwide and more cellphones than people around the globe, social media has become a powerful aspect of our daily lives. Digital tools and social platforms influence everything from the way we connect with each other, to the way we search for recommendations and services, to the way we buy things. In this presentation, Ramona provides professionals with the knowledge and tools to understand the new media age. With her extensive background in content creation and digital culture expertise, Ramona will share her knowledge and educated predictions on the technological trends of tomorrow.

Key Takeaways:
• How best to create and maintain meaningful relationships that start online
• Strategies for developing your digital brand, reaching new audiences, and enriching loyal customer relationships, online.

• The New Power Demographic: Engaging Millennials and Gen Z

Millenials are the largest generation in the Canadian workforce, and with unprecedented levels of education, they are poised to have more influence and more purchasing power than any generation before them. But… they also tend to have a bad reputation. How many times have you seen people roll their eyes about “selfies,” arguably the defining mode of expression of this generation? According to media reports, Millenials are entitled, don’t know the meaning of hard work, and spend all of their money on expensive avocado toast (that they then photograph and post to Instagram). Packed with data on this smart, savvy and conscientious generation, this entertaining and informative talk will break some of those myths, and help the audience get to know this generational group, because, as the oldest millennials turn 37 this year, they can no longer be dismissed as “just kids.” 

• The Selfie Manual: Design Thinking For Storytellers 

In an era of personalization, the appeal of the selfie and the fabrication of our online profiles can reveal vast amounts for independent creators and major distributors alike. If we consider the selfie a “manual” for media makers, we come to see content sharing as part of identity formation, or curation, on social media. The content people post is a reflection of how they want to be seen by their digital communities; it is both representative and aspirational. What does that mean for storytellers? Ramona argues it’s not enough to blast the same content across diverse platforms. In this presentation, she helps media makers understand what makes someone like, comment, view, or share media in each environment. 

• The Story of Analytics: Finding Truths in Big Data 

Data mining is an analytic process designed to explore data in search of patterns. In an era of big data, there is a story for everyone, and by understanding the nature of how narrative works, businesses and analysts can identify the stories within large data sets that will help them succeed, plan and innovate.

• We’re Not Addicted to Technology, We’re Addicted to Each Other 

Social media, connective devices, networked technology. For over a decade, mainstream media has warned us that technology is isolating us, making us lonely. Since the 1950’s – the era of family values – there’s been a decline in face to face connection. But is technology really the culprit? Or are we using our digital tools to find what we’re missing? 

• Avatar Secrets: life and love lessons from video games 

Life and love lessons from video games – what is the appeal of massive multiplayer online games, and what can that allure show us about what we’re looking for and longing for in real life? How can we get the most out of our digital pursuits, for increased happiness, purpose, success, and love? 

• Emotional Intelligence 

What happens when we spend more time gazing into glowing screens, than looking into the eyes of another human being? Innovators are abuzz about artificial intelligence, but what about emotional intelligence, that which makes us uniquely human? This talk examines our relationship with technology, going beyond just gadgets and apps and instead focusing on the human relationships that make our tools matter and keep us coming back for more. With timely anecdotes and case studies, audiences will gain the tools and techniques to make the best choices about how they use technology to benefit their lives, relationships, and careers.

Platform Plus

• Host/MC 

Ramona has a wealth of experience hosting events throughout North America, including OMDC Digital Dialogue Conference, Buffer Festival, NXNE and more. She's also hosted events made for digital consumption including CBC’s pop culture show The X, and the webcast of Idea City. 

• Event Moderator 

Ramona has interviewed musicians, actors, directors and athletes, on location from Toronto and Los Angeles. Some of her favorite interviews have been with Jim Carrey, Billy Connolly, Anne Hathaway, Good Charlotte, Alexisonfire, Sugarcult, Dave Matthews.