LURE - Rulebook


You are rival naturalists aspiring to gain official recognition from the Queen by luring the best beasts from her royal gardens.

Animals require different Bait depending on what they prefer to eat and where they are in the Garden. Many of the Animals have special quirks that alter the way the game is played and lead to interesting combos!

Earn as many points as you can by collecting Animals before the Queen arrives. The highest score wins!
Number of Players
Age Range
Game Duration
2-5 (best with 3)
15-30 minutes


Animal Cards (including Queen)
Bait Cards (11 Root, 11 Grass, 11 Berries, 11 Meat, 4 Mushroom)
Trap Cards (with rules references on back)
Garden Marker Cards (Day Garden, Night Garden)


  • First Player
  • Shuffle the Traps and distribute them to all players randomly. The player with the Trap with the highest Priority marked on it goes first.
  • Dealing Cards
  • Shuffle the Bait cards. Deal 6 Bait cards to everyone. Bait cards should be kept hidden from other players.
  • Bait Deck
  • Place the remainder of the Bait cards face down somewhere among all players. This is now known as the Bait Deck.
  • Compost (Discard Pile)
  • The player who goes first must choose one Bait card from their hand and place it face up beside the Bait Deck. This becomes the Compost where all Bait cards are discarded.
  • The Queen
  • Remove the Queen card from the Animal Deck and set it to the side. Shuffle the Animal Deck thoroughly. Then shuffle the Queen into the bottom 12 cards of the Animal Deck.
  • Animal Deck
  • Place the Animal Deck on the table face down.
  • Garden Markers
  • Mark two rows using the Garden Markers (Day Garden and Night Garden). Place 6 Animal cards from the top of the Animal Deck into two rows of three (shown above) in the center of the playing area. This will be collectively known as the Garden.
  • Pine Cones
  • If an Animal has a Pine Cone icon, take Bait from the Bait Deck equal to the number indicated and place them face down (hide) beneath that Animal.
  • Special Quirks (PLACED)
  • If an Animal has the "PLACED” tag on it, execute the text immediately.


Each turn has a few simple steps.

  • STEP 01: Hand Limit
  • If you have more than ten (10) Bait cards in your hand, discard down to exactly ten.

  • STEP 02: Take an Action