RHD Legacy Completion Needs

Objective: Installing & wiring JDM EJ20k/EJ20g to run in 1993 Subaru Legacy.
Timeline: Before I die of old age

Chassis: 1993 Subaru Legacy (Factory RHD , Former Postal Car)
Motor: 1998 Subaru WRX EJ20

Etc: No Power Steering, No A/C 

Swap Info Thread: Here

Priority Needs:

  •  EJ20g specific Intake Manifold
  •  Ej20g ECU (6K GC8 STI, manual trans (Pinout)
  •  Purchase EJ20g Idle Air Control Valve
  •  EJ22 Intake Harness  (Got from Mike Tracy)
  •  Buy Downpipe
  •  Pick up radiator from novaspeed
  •  Wire and connect fans (Harness plugs f21)
  •  Buy Intake Setup (Got on eBay, Apexi Power)
  •  Fix front sway bar (May need new endlinks)
  •  Front Axles
  •  Finish Installing LGT brakes
  •  Brake Pads & Lines @joe c
  •  Buy Fuel Line & Connect fuel lines
  •  Two motor mount nuts [Flange Nut 902370028] 
  •  Strut Bolts: Need Four - 20540AA100 @joe c
  •  Align steering @joe c
  •  Clutch pedal is disconnected
  •  Need Alternator
  •  Need Starter @joe c
  •  Need Belts @joe c
  •  Need new thermostat @joe c
  •  Need new horns (harness plugs f23 & f24) @joe c
  •  Different TMIC? Front Mount?
  •  90 Degree Elbow for turbo inlet (Got from Mike Tracy)
  •  Oil and Filter!
  •  Midpipe needs to be cut to line up with DP

Wiring Needs:

  • These items need to be wired from the sensor on motor to the ecu. All sensors are wired, need to physically connect to each pin on ECU