RHD Legacy Completion Needs

New Objective:

Motor: 1994 Subaru Dual Port EJ22

Work Needed:


  • Jump pins 11 & 12 of B15 trans connector (Looped wire with connector

  • Remove the TCU
  • Wire & Connect Fans (B wire as ground, and the YR for power.)
  • Snip the pin 18 wire of B36 connector (So "N" bulb doesn't illuminate)
  • Wire Alternator Connector - (Two white wires) [need 14ga wire]
  • Alternator Belt
  • Connect radiator hoses
  • Need Header & bolts (ORDERED)


  • Connect tie rods
  • Install Header Better
  • Install Up Pipe
  • Replace lower coilover bolts (One Done)
  • Bleed Clutch
  • Need longer MC rod
  • Install Front Brake Pads
  • Install Rear Brake Calipers & Pads
  • Use stock pitch stop
  • Connect Clutch
  • Fix Rear Camber
  • Connect sway bar (May Need End links)
  • Remove the shift lock controller
  • Remove the TCU
  • Wire Power Folding Mirrors
  • Wire Reverse Lights
  • Wire up the transmission neutral switch (Link)
  • Rear passenger door doesn't open from outside 
  • alternator tensioner bracket