“the dance hall culture of late-1960s/early-1970s Jamaica. The fluid evolution of music that encompassed ska, rocksteady, reggae and dub was embraced by local music mixers who deconstructed and rebuilt tracks to suit the tastes of their audience. Producers and engineers like Ruddy Redwood, King Tubby and Lee "Scratch" Perry popularized stripped-down instrumental mixes (which they called "versions") of reggae tunes. Wikipedia Remix

Everything is a Remix

  • "Modifying existing resources to create something new Identifying and using openly-licensed work Combining multimedia resources creating something new using existing resources

Remixing open content is a great way learn and understand more about about the resources you choose to work with. When using existing work to create something new re-mixers will have to look carefully and analyse the resources they are working with.  

Possible Learning Activities & Outcomes
  • Historical research
  • Discovering open media
  • Multimedia skills
  • Data and research skills
  • Geographic knowledge and interpretation creative visualisations
  • Photographic composition
  • Digital Literacy


Nostalgia Disruptive Tony Parkin has created a list of open books - the Dodo Classics based on the DfE/Penguin recommended reading list for schools - but at zero cost rather than the £3000 which is the cost of class set of 100 books from Penguin. cost. Here’s quick cover I did for the list. Combining the texts with open images might be an excellent project.

Textiles, furnishings all are suitable items  that can be enhamced by

The Garden of Earthly Delights remixed as a commercial product;  these pillow cases were sold on Etsy The Rijkstudio by The Rijksmuseum provides high resolution images and tutorials and advice on 'making' artefacts with its collections from the Public Domain. The idea of making objects from public domain is an interesting one, and perhaps a good subject for further discussion in the discussion tab. Rijkstudio offers some advice and suggestions on how to take this further here

The Library of Congress Citizen DJ Project lets you create music using the free-to-use audio and video materials from the Library of Congress.

 Useful software and tools
 Audacity is an open-source audio editor that works on Mac, Linux, and Windows devices. Over the years, it has developed an enormous developer following, meaning it’s constantly being updated with new features and plugins to keep it competitive with other audio editors. 

A video remix is created by taking multiple sources of video, audio or stills and mixing them up. 
Open footage  placed strategically with other images can create a new message through their juxtaposition. Mashups are usually short and simple – prerequisites for viral media. Repurposing footage in creative ways allows humour and irreverence to breathe new life into an issue.
One of the simplest form of remixing is to add and effects such as  zoom, pan and fade to still photographs is a technique commonly used by many film-makers to capture viewer interest and engagement.It is sometimes called the Ken Burns effect and  is included in a lot of video editing software.  
 Many past and contemporary film makers include  open and public domain footage and images within their work.