Questions for Monthly Surveys
This is a list of questions that we want to ask members. One or two questions will be asked every month in our Members Newsletter and also our 1st of the Month Posts on other orgs’ email lists . 


  • What’s the most money you would be prepared to spend on a course?
  • Have you ever considered offering an online course yourself? 
  • What’s the primary reason you take online courses?
  • Have you ever taken a course from one of these providers? 
  • Do you prefer one-off webinars or ongoing courses?
  • How likely would you be to take courses about different species than the ones you work with regularly?
  • Do you think we should keep "divisions" at sign up, or have everyone join as a general member and just have people join the groups they want?
  • DO you know that you can join any and all division chat groups as you like? (yes/no) Is there a chat group you'd like to see added? (Comment box) 
  • What the best aspect of IAABC? (selecctions and an Other) How do you think we can best get the word out about us? (comment box)