Q: How do we make art more accessible to everyone?
Infinite Industries is a nonprofit open source digital platform that makes experimental cultural events and contemporary art shows more accessible to everyone. 

An online hub for presenting cultural events in Lexington, KY.  Users can navigate to the website and see the latest list of culturally relevant events: concerts, gallery shows, theater productions, etc.


Develop a visual interface system for an arts/culture event web app in order to increase trust in the cultural brand of Infinite Industries, a nonprofit organization. The fitness of the outcomes will be reflected by the increase in the number of email list signups, weekly page visits and percentage of returning users.

  • Develop a UI/UX system based on the style guides created by the design team at Bullhorn
  • Work with a front-end development team in order to implement and test a design system for the site.

Specific Business Goals/Objectives
Increase the number of signups for the weekly email list
  • End of 6 month period: 500

Increase the number of unique visitors to the site
  • End of 3 month period: 150-200 unique visitors per week 

Increase the percentage of returning visitors to the site
  • End of 6 month period: ~ 50%

My Role

Worked as a part of the UI/UX team for an MVP cultural events hub website, Infinite Industries

  • Conducted user tests and interviews.
  • Developed prototypes (both wireframes, higher fidelity, and animated micro-interactions) 
  • Executed design decisions/revisions using design critiques, user interviews, basic user tests, and worked with Google Analytics.
  • Designed the UI of the landing and event pages, as well as widgets for cards, navigation, events page, and prototypes of submission experience. 
  • Challenged to create a unique look in adherence to the branding guidelines created by Bullhorn.
  • Created the foundation of the screen-based design system for Infinite Industries.


Worked with the dev and design team members in order to create visual solutions.

  • Worked in-person and remotely with the dev and design teams.
  • Collaborated with the Creative Director on the creation of feature prototypes
  • Created prototypes to communicate majors ideas to the dev team.
  • Reviewed design idea implementations in the staging environment. 


The user-base is categorized into four demographic groups. Design decisions were catered towards these users.

  • Older Established Arts and Culture Connoisseurs
  • This segment represents members of the community who are already highly invested in the arts. They are interested in supporting the spaces and organizations that they have helped to grow or have seen growth over a number of years. Potentially ambassadors for Infinite Industries within their groups of friends. Interested in getting a weekly snapshot of events in town via email. Want to schedule evening out activities around a single cultural event (ex. go out to a play then hit a restaurant) Tend to be on Facebook but not other social media services.