Proposal: Refundable Charitable Donation Benefit - Support Letter
Your voice is important. We have an exciting opportunity to help save Charity Organizations by rewarding Canadians with a Refundable Charitable Donation Benefit. Available to all Canadians for all Canadians.

We are proposing an immediate Refundable Charitable Donation Benefit on corporate and personal tax levels. Charitable Organizations desperately need help. They can recover with the channels they already have in place by publicizing, awarding and incentivizing donors on multiple fronts. 

This is a simple solution.  

Canadians and the government each contribute 50/50. Simple. Fair. Clear. Impactful.
  • No more complicated and multi tiered nonrefundable tax donation credits, buried somewhere in complex tax returns (only beneficial to select Canadians). No more unusable tax credits that have to be carefully tracked by taxpayers before they run out after 5 years, if they can be used. No more cumbersome grant applications by busy nonprofits. No need to set up additional expensive infrastructure for extra grant divisions and processing. 
  • Refunds on Charitable Donations should be available to all Canadians and businesses, regardless of taxable income levels - including underemployed, seniors, students, single parents and immigrants.

We can increase the number of donors and the amount they give by using the efficient channels already in place. Here’s the most impactful solution.
  1. You donate to the causes you care about. Your charities receive your funding help NOW.
  1. The government refunds you their 50% at tax time. 

  • Every donation is shared 50/50
  • Simple. Every Canadian can get in on it
  • We all get to be part of a hero story. 

Your voice can make this happen. Add your voice. Please send a support letter.

Your support letter is for:
  • Honourable Bill Morneau, P.C., M.P., Minister of Finance (Canada)
  • Travis Toews, Minister of Treasury Board and Finance (Alberta)
  • Rachael Harder, MP (Lethbridge)
  • Nathan Neudorf, MLA (Lethbridge-East)

Thank-you for saying yes to a seat at this table!  We can jointly save Charities together. 

To make these most effective: 

1. Your organization’s letterhead is important (if applicable) 2. Free form personal letters 

If you have any input, reach out!

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(so we can track & count letters)