Project Documentation Page
This is an example of a project documentation page for the project Cross Cultural Data Literacy. 

About me
My name is Maaike van Cruchten. I’m a teacher at the Communication and Multimedia Design Program at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. I develop courses and programs about Data Visualization, Motion Design, Prototyping and Visual Communication.
I used to work as a videofilm maker and sometimes I still edit video or make a small animation. 

I live in Amsterdam (capitol of the Netherlands) in the Eastern part of the city., together with my 3 children, my husband and our two cats.

Project Group
I’m in project group z with other people that gather data about sporting and exercise. I handed my 

I have several topic ideas and I haven’t decided yet what I will be adressing exactly but the coming week I will do more research and exploration. The main idea that I find interesting is people’s behaviour during the COVID 19 pandemic and how people use the public space more as a communal space to live in and do activities, social activities but also sporting and exercising. I see how my own behaviour changed during the pandemic and the lockdowns we had here in the Netherlands. Before the pandemic I went to yoga class three times a week. Now the yoga studio is closed, already for months and I started running. So my sporting activities are transferred to outdoors, in public space. I think that’s something a lot of people experience. 

article on outdoor sports in Amsterdam:
possible smaller / narrowed down topic ideas:
-sporting facilities outdoor in Amsterdam and how they are used. 
-changed sporting / exercise behaviour during the COVID 19 pandemic
-open swimming in Amsterdam (Amsterdam’s open water is cleaned up and made accessible for people to swim in. This is something fairly new for us. In summertime the water is very busy but I even see people swimming outdoor now in wintertime, even when it’s as cold as 3 celsius!
-doing walks in Amsterdam. I see a lot of people go for a walk when they meet. My 15 year old daughter for example, goes for a walk with a friend while she used to meet in the city center to go for shopping or sit down to have a coffee.
-children playing outdoors: did children’s play change during COVID 19 

Outdoor sports facilities in Amsterdam (tabletennis tables, ball game / jeu de boule courts, halfpipes, etc..). This is a great open dataset with all the outdoor sport facilities listed:

Open swimming water:

article on swimming in open water in Amsterdam:
First ideas for (soft) data collections: 
-Twitter / Insta photos, find popular hastags with corona sport activities? 
-Make list of all the sporting schools / yoga studios in the city: do they offer an online alternative? What’s on the website?
-Make list of all possible sport activities: I saw some guys doing sword fight training in Flevopark.
-Go by all tennistop tables in Amsterdam, on a busy time: 11:00 - 16:00 sunday, make picture: which ones are in use, what’s the score? 
-Do observations on walking people: are the friends, family, alone, what are they carying, how are they walking, with/without a dog?

I went out for a walk myself in the nearby park (sunday January 31st) and made pictures of every sporting / outdoor activity I saw. The walk took 52 minutes. I was surprised how may different exercising / sporting activities I saw. I didn’t have a thorough methodology. The only rules I followed were:
-Walk from my house through the park and back
-Make picture of every (different) sporting / outdoor activity