Program Badges
We hope CN brings you fun and excitement. When you interact with others and create your ePorfolio on CN, you do not only earn Anar Seeds, but also have a chance to collect badges. The Urban STEM Collaboratory project has created a series of badges for you to earn. Let’s see who will get the most badges!

Please view the infographic chart below to familiarize yourself with the project badges and their criteria. The description of each badge can be found on the document program participation expectation and badge details
Note: In order to earn the STEM Collaboratory Influencer badge, at least three of your posts need to be selected as POW in the Urban STEM Collaboratory Network each academic year. POW is the short name of Post of the Week, which is the most popular post selected by CN on a weekly basis. Learn more about POW.
You may earn a Semester or Academic Year badge multiple times throughout the program. 

Whom to contact to receive a badge

Once you believe you have met the requirements of a badge and documented it on your CN ePortfolio, reach out to your campus’ program supervisor ASAP. They will review your experience and evidence and award you the corresponding badge. For semester badges, you should request a review before December 15th, for academic year badges, you should request a review before May 15th. 
  • IUPUI scholars contact Alice Zhao,
  • Memphis contact Stephanie Ivey: