Product Hunt - UserGuiding Checklist

Before Launch

  • (optional) Find a popular hunter. 
  • Time to launch - More exposure if Kevin can hunt us as early as possible.
  • Product title: Name of our product or version, no details and no emojis.
  • UserGuiding 2.0
  • Product description: Tag line of our product - bonus with a related emoji.
  • An easy way to show how your product works 😻
  • Gallery - (Video - YT / GIF / IMG. min 635x380, max 3 MB)
  • 3 screenshot from new panel
  • GIF:
  • YT Video:
  • Topics: Choose 3-4 most relevant ones. 
  • Other related links:
  • Blog posts
  • Maker comment: 3-4 sentences. Value prop, who is UserGuiding for, use cases. For relaunch 2.0, let’s create a story and bullet points as what’s changed.
  • Add Product Hunt badge to our website 
  • Create a product tour with UserGuiding:
  • Unlock all features for trial accounts so that Hunters from Product Hunt can use all features and give us more feedback.
  • Find some close friends, who are already active on product hunt. Their early upvotes will help you reach the top really quick, during the very first moments of the day. You will be visible on the top, whenever a new visitor arrives to PH they will see you first.

After Launch

  • Share on social media channels. Ask people to join the discussion on Product Hunt, never ask for upvotes directly.
  • Post on YC Startup School forum:
  • Post on Hacker News:
  • Post on Reddit:
Post on Slack Channels:
  • Girişimci Muh (TR)
  • Workup (TR)
  • Kolektif (TR)
  • SaaS Biz (TR)
  • Appsumo
  • Kworks (TR)
  • MindtheProduct
  • Product School
  • Santral (TR)
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Coalition
  • Reddit Entrepreneur