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About private assets pricing

There is no central exchange for buying and selling of unlisted stocks, prices fluctuate depending on demand & supply between a lose network of brokers and dealers. This Dropbox Paper is update everyday at 5 pm to reflect the most recent price of stocks. Please note that prices can vary depending on purchased quantity - higher the quantity, lower the price. 


Price / Stock (Rs)

Expected Listing & Remarks

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Swiggy is not expected to list anytime soon. However, we think that Swi

Swiggy will raise more rounds of funding that will increase the valuation by 180% in the next 2 Yeats. 

OYO Rooms
OYO is not expected to list anytime soon and neither so we foresee a large funding event. 

National Stock Exchange
NSE has been trying to list since 2018 but has not been able to. Recently, a notification from the company says that they will list again in late 2020. NSE is expected around Rs 1400. 

HDB Financial Services
HDFC Bank’s NBFC arm has been growing quickly. IPO is expected in 2023.

Bira (B9 Beverages)

Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank
TMB is a very closely held company and although there have been talks of IPO, we do not expect one at all. The stock price of TMB is expected to return 20% to 25% per annum.

Barbeque Nation
We epinynous food chain popular for hosting kid’s birthday parties is going IPO. The company has a negative EPS and we do not recommend investing in it. 

Nazara Technologies
A gaming company with Rakesh Jhunjhunwala as an investor is popular for the kid’s game Chota-Bheem. IPO is expected in 2020. 

Fino Paytech
Blackstone funded payments company makes PoS machines. We do not expect IPO till 2025. 

Reliance Retail
Reliance’s retail arm is the largest retailer by far. With Jio’s advent into online commerce and large distribution capacity, we are extremely bullish on the stock. IPO expected in 2023. 

Religare Health Insurance

HDFC Securities
HDFC runs the second largest mutual fund house in the country and we think this is definitely investment grade. IPO expected within a year.  

Kurl-On Ltd/ Enterprises
Kurl-On in the largest mattress maker in the country and a part of the Manipal group. IPO is not expected soon.

Studd Helmets
Studd is a great company which makes hard hats used on construction sites and and biker helmets. Expected to go IPO in 2020. 


The online cosmetics firm has been growing on the back of marketing spends. The company is expected to raise more rounds of funding that will increase the valuation. 

The ubiquitous payments company does not plan to IPO soon.

The general insurance arm of HDFC group is expected to IPO by 2021.


How it works 

The Minance Team helps you chose the stocks that you can invest in. The minimum investment per stock is Rs 50,000. Once you have decided on a stock, you can invest the capital via banking channels or a payment gateway. SEBI regulations forbid purchase of stocks using credit cards. Please provide your DP ID and Client ID (available with your broker) where you want the stocks transferred. 

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