Press quotes
She has a fragile voice, some very interesting songs and warmth as an intimate performer....from that long tradition of thoughtful, introspective folk singers and writers which goes right back to Judy Collins and very early Joni Mitchell.
--- Graham Reid (Elsewhere)

It’s the voice that guides these songs into place, gentle,
but sure of themselves; Songs that remind me of the
pre-mainstream-pop-fame version of the Dixie Chicks.
--- Simon Sweetman (Off The Tracks)

I was moved to tears by Erin Cole-Baker’s songwriting and her live delivery, which seemed to come from a place of great honesty and beauty.  There’s a deceptive simplicity to these tunes, an elusive quality to capture as a songwriter, but a quality that Erin possesses in spades and wields with grace and dexterity.
--- Liz Stringer

One of the most complete folk-oriented offerings to come out of Central Oregon in recent memory.
--- The Source Weekly

A matured songwriter whose songs are solidly structured and lyrically unique.
--- The Source Weekly

One of the more constant and compelling voices on the Central Oregon music scene.
--- GO! Magazine