Praying for Elena
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Saturday, June 20

5:14pm Elena Serbinenko had surgery Thursday, she is home and recovering but her temperature has climbed to 102.5. They are staying home and monitoring for now, please pray her fever would break and for no complications or infection.

6:57pm Vlad is taking Elena to the ER- in spite of their efforts, her temperature has climbed to 103.3. Please keep her in prayer, we will update as we receive more information.

9:33pm Elena is being admitted overnight for post-surgical infection, please keep praying for healing and recovery. The family thanks you for your prayers.

Sunday, June 21

2:00pm Elena is dealing with pneumonia. If her labs improve, she might be discharged tonight on oral antibiotics. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Monday, June 22

(Elena was discharged from the hospital and is recovering at home)

Monday, June 29

Elena Serbinenko is being taken by ambulance to St. Joe's hospital; she has a high fever and severe pain. She has multiple infections and also has pneumonia. Please pray for divine intervention! Pray for infection to leave and pain to be reduced.

6:42am Elena is at St. Francis. She has an infection in the bowels, abscess, and possible perforated bowels. They're waiting on the surgeon, she may need another surgery. Her condition is very serious, please be in prayer.

10:10am Elena has a large abscess-they are going to try to drain it. If that works, she'll start feeling better; if it doesn't, she may need to go into surgery, and then it gets into complicated issues. Vlad is able to be with her in the ER, which is a blessing. Please continue praying.

1:42pm Elena is in a procedure now to drain the abscess; there is a second swelling and hematoma as well. The infections spreading is serious, and could put her in serious danger. It is critical that we all are praying fervently for her.

3:35pm The doctors think Elena may have hydronephrosis in the left side due to abscess squeezing the kidney so tight. She also may develop another abscess because there's free fluid still floating around in peritoneal space, and if any infection leaked, then that fluid can get infected and create another abscess.

8:12pm Church family, here is an update from Vlad: She's stable for now, still in a lot of pain. Poor thing is pale and miserable but WBC is down from 18,000 to 14,500 (normal range is 4,000 to 12,000). Tomorrow they will reevaluate and see how she is and if they think she can avoid surgery because she's in danger of developing another abscess. So we are asking to pray that overnight she would show improvement, but also praying for God's will in this.

Thank you for praying. We appreciate the church family so much.

Tuesday, June 30

10:06am Her pain is better today but she's very weak. No fever, drain is working good. Surgeon thinks that if she continues to progress this way then surgery can be avoided. They'll keep her in the hospital for at least another day on IV antibiotics. She lost over 10lbs since the surgery and still can't eat much. Thank you all for praying!

2:59pm They still not letting Elena eat. They are worried there's a hole in the bowels, so they will still monitor her closely to prove there's no leak of bowels into abdominal cavity. Thank you again for praying.

Wednesday, July 1

12:33pm Church family, here is an update from Vlad:
The surgeon just saw her; they think that she had a small leak in bowels but they think it's closed up now. They're proceeding very cautiously with her now. She's dealing with infection, need to make sure her bowels start working again, swelling needs to go down, and abscess needs to be completely resolved. Looking to be in the hospital for at least another day and then could be a long recovery.

Thursday, July 2

5:12pm Elena is doing better today; her labs are trending down and they advanced her diet to clear liquids. Overall, she's improving. Still lots of pain and very weak, but that should start to get better. Still will be in the hospital for at least few days. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Friday, July 3

12:48pm Elena is still in extreme pain. They did a CT scan this morning and found five more abscesses. The larger one is already being drained, but these will require surgery. The original surgeon contacted Vlad and asked to be allowed to go back in and correct whatever has gone wrong. She will be transported back to St. Anthony's; however, since she has been receiving fluids, they have to wait for eight hours. Please pray fervently for the following:
  1. Pray the infection can be contained
  1. Pray the transfer is safe and soon
  1. Pray the surgeon and team is ready and for God's grace to be upon them, that the Great Physician's hand will guide them, and the Spirit of God will grant divine healing
  1. Pray that our God will give favor and grant His will to help and heal this hurting family; only God can work all things together for our good