Poshtel #Sitemap
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Link to this paper: http://bit.ly/PoshtelSitemap


Poshtel Popup (website) + (white paper) - live

The 5th Element (website)
Dropbox Paper http://bit.ly/The5thE
- Complete Off Grid Water Treatment -  Live

Poetic Energy (white paper)
- 80kw/h Eco Power Plant in a 20’ Container - Live

CoWorkShop (white paper)
- CoWorking in a box - Live
  • CoWork Buildings… 

Popup Institute (pdf)
- by Hyper Island Grads - stealth

SyncOholic (white paper)
- Technology Partners  - Stealth

Impact Proptech / Sustainable Roadshow:

WFE / Eco-Warrior Program
Human Ressources Implementation :


Franchise Bible

LAST STOP / Secondary sale (Closed)

Poshtel Jobs