Portfolio—Stefan Kovac

this document should provide you a better insight into what kept my hands dirty since 2001.

Let’s start.


ExifShot (2018-)

ExifShot is a desktop web application which captures metadata of your photo and turns it into a beautiful graphic.

Think of it as a simplest graphics tool for composing a photo and its metadata.

Maker. Solo project.

Idea, concept, design, development (Vue.js, Node.js/Express.js), testing, implementation, marketing and support.  




TallyFox AG (2016-2017)

Tallium—cloud-based knowledge management solution. 

Lead UX designer on Tallium

  • Work  in an agile team to continuously improve UX of Tallium
  • Employ best class technologies to optimize UX of a key personas
  • Work with team to balance work between ongoing improvements, new functionalities and overall transformation and evolution of UX
  • Lead long term UX improvements project
  • Engage as key member of development team to make suggestions for continuously UX improvements
  • Hire and train design team to work under his direction