Poetic Energy
Here is the work in progress company page (presentation link here). We are 100% transparent and if anything feels strange - please call Rose or Morten.

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Poetic Energy is an alternative and complementary to solar power


Case Study: Raaschou

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Poetic Energy Pre Launch Expenses (+628k€*)

updated Nov 01. 2018
  • *Money banked by by Morten Lund’s Holding http://thx.enterprises/   (Founders are willing to sell 10% for 10% of the cost until now = 68.280€ - if we get the right partner. We are not beggers - since they are not choosers)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this technology different from other waste-to-energy processes?
The gasifier leverages a two-step approach that allows for efficient utilisation of energy content, while at the same time producing a highly attractive fertiliser product with massive positive environmental implications.

What emissions arise from the process?
The process itself will have an emission similar to that of a normal internal combustion engine. However, the overall balance including the biomass CO2 capture and fertiliser means that the emissions are a net negative.

Does it smell?
No, the exhaust gas and bi-products are normally smell-free.

How is the plant connected to our grid?
The plant’s generator can be connected directly to the grid (via standard synchronisation) or it can run as an exclusive power supply to a decentral grid.