Call for Co-Producer

For “Tales from Cerulean City”

for a 2020 Video Diary Series


“Tales from a Windy City 2017-9”

I volunteered to single-handed direct & send monthly video diaries every month for 2 years to a limited audience of friends, colleagues & family. They liked them!

Idea for next the next year

Similar structure, bigger ambitions → better content

The Plan

Core: YouTube Channel
Monthly videos from Jan 2020 - Dec 2021
As Ishaan puts it in the Tales from a Windy City compilation video: he enjoyed riding along for “the many & diverse things” while he stayed with me in Chicago. That is the experience I would love the viewers to share. 
I will try to document with video aspects of my diverse life. What is particularly interesting is how I move in multiple social circles:
from hipster theatre kids & moody musicians in the Performing Arts, to hyped-up tech entrepreneurs & wacky Designers.
Patreon Patrons
  • Weekly videos
  • Monthly livestream Q&A
  • Monthly audio-only podcast alternative to video (based on podcasting experience with

What I’m looking for in a Co-Producer

What I’ll take the lead on
  • Content Generation
What you’ll take the lead on
  • Video Editing
  • I’m doing just fine in iMovie (keep ya Adobe Premier & Final Cut spoilt film skool kidz!)
  • Would love someone with expertise at cutting multiple clips with different settings in volumes into a cohesive episode (welcome to use Adobe Premier & Final Cut if you’re a spoilt film skool kid)
  • This is the equivalent to Tushar Kelkar’s role in our podcast
  • And cutting social media promo spots
Up for grabs
  • Digital Marketing: Strategy & Execution
  • Especially in first 3 months: would need a hard push at building an audience.
  • Running the YouTube channel
  • Someone tech savvy with focus on action