Phrozen Shuffle & Shuffle XL User Manuals
Welcome to join Phrozen. When you receive your Phrozen Shuffle / Shuffle XL, first thing you need to do is check carefully if everything is packed good in your parcel. Generally you will see:
  • Phrozen Shuffle / Shuffle XL: LCD 3D Printer  * 1 pc
  • Build platform & Resin vat (with air-tight lid) * 1 set
  • Tool set
  • Plastic scraper  * 1 pc
  • Stainless scraper * 1 pc
  • Funnel * 1 pc
  • Rubber gloves * 1 set
  • Hex wrench * 1 set
  • Ethernet cable (Gray) * 1 pc
  • USB cable (Blue) * 1 pc
  • Power cord (Black) * 1 pc

Feel free to contact Phrozen Shuffle Team directly if there are anything missed.

Note 1: Shuffle XL users should check whether the screws of build platform are tight or not. Sometimes they will get loose during shipping.
Note 2: There is a protective film right attached on LCD. DO NOT take it off since it can protect LCD from aging and therefore increase LCD’s life time.

First Start

  • Boot System:
  • 3 ways to connect to printer: USB Connection, LAN Connection, WIFI Connection
  • USB Connection:Load 3D file directly from USB and operate the system by touch panel.
  • LAN Connection:Buy a router and connect its LAN to printer by gray internet cable. Then the printer will show IP address, type it on web browser (better to use Google Chrome) and your can connect to printer.
  • WIFI Connection: Use USB WIFI to connect your printer into current WIFI environment. Then you can use any devices(laptop / smartphone) in the same WIFI environment to connect to the printer.
  • Printer Operation & Safety Recommendations
  • About Printer: 
  • Operating your printer at 20 - 30OC condition in open area. 
  • About Resin:
  • Avoid exposure resin directly to sun light or lamps.
  • After printing, please filter resin and put the resin into sealed & opaque bottle.
  • DO NOT mix fresh resin and used resin. Shake before you use every resin.
  • Do not dump resin. Cured the resin and treat it as general plastics garbage.
  • Store the resin in room temperature(15 - 35 OC) & dry condition.
  • Safety Recommendation
  • If possible, please wear gloves, goggles, and long sleeve shirt during printing. Wash your hand by hand soap.
  • DO NOT east or swallow resin. Go to hospital if you do it.