PetTinder, the how to play page
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PetTinder is a play on words: PetFinder is a website that helps people adopt a pet. Tinder is a dating app that allows people to swipe to make matches for dates, and it was such a fun interface that it’s been replicated for many other types of games and tools. This game isn’t meant for your pets to date - it’s just a fun way to sort through to find real pets you love. Because PetFinder has an API to provide data on their shelter pets for app developers to use freely, to support shelter pets, ALL the pets you see in PetTinder ARE REAL adoptable pets.

We first thought of this idea in early 2015, and since then it’s been a fun pitch when at tech networking events -- but we needed more than fun, we needed to build an alpha demo version. So in July 2017, we pitched the game to Startup Weekend Women’s edition, and amongst a field of 35 pitches in competition, we were one of 10 teams chosen to develop the project over the weekend. We built an alpha version of the game right here - you can start to play it on your browser, even right on your phone. The pet feed is live, not made by us!

Here’s the first version of how it works. 

First, you log in (or start the app after the first time). It will check your location, and show you pets that are at shelters and rescues within a 500 km/360-mile radius of you. 

One version of the game will be built specifically for people who are actively looking to adopt pets -- but most people just want to see cute cats and kittens and puppies and lizards.
Then, you get the welcome walk-through specific to the version of the game you play.
This is how the swiping works: hit the ✖️ or the 💜 button, or swipe left to dismiss the pet or right to Love the pet. (There is an option to Reset all the pets that have been dismissed, so they come up for random play again.)  
Loving the pet will immediately give you all the details of the pet, including what shelter the pet is at, and it lets you share it to social media and messenger apps!
From the little human icon on the right, you have access to your own profile and game settings. Here in your profile, you can see your Love list of pets. You will also see game play badges for rewards and achievements. One feature we’d really like to have is if any pet is available for fostering, they would then get a star icon (fostering is a significant way to help shelters adopt pets, with a usual commitment of two to three months). And finally - the ninja stealth power of the game - your $5 or $10 monthly subscription is a charitable donation, for which you receive a tax receipt. Every time you swipe right to Love a pet, you make a micro-donation of 10¢ to $1 to the shelter he or she is at. 
From the Hamburger icon on the left, you will see the About us, the mission of the game, and a Leaderboard for how you rank against your peers for donations, shares, and other play ratios.

Now we are working on…

This is the temporary logo we used for our Twitter account, and below is the background image I want to use for this Landing page, once I’ve figured it all out (Wordpress or Bootstrap? so many decisions!). That’s why you’re seeing this document.