Personal Board of Directors

Objectives of the board

  • Plays devil’s advocate when appropriate to help me explore blind spots
  • You seem to be caught up on X but I think there may be an opportunity in Y. Pretend that Y were true and reflect on what that might mean.
  • Push me to set higher goals and explore things outside of my comfort zone
  • I think that lack of A may be holding you back from achieving X. Is this something you’re purposely avoiding?
  • X is nice but you could have an even bigger impact. Why not shoot for Y?
  • Hold me accountable to the things I say I will do
  • Call and ask about a project
  • Say “you’re wasting my time if you’re not actually making progress on these things”
  • Make me explain the ways I was complicit in not achieving what I said I would

How we work together

  • Monthly ribbing when appropriate
  • Annual goal setting in December. Initial rough draft in early Dec (short session). Less rough draft in mid Dec (short session). Present at Q4 review in Jan.

My personal VTFM


To live a life that emphasizes connection with others.

Themes → Focus → Measures (focus/measures are really just OKRs)

  • Have a lifestyle that promotes a longer healthspan
  • Eat in such a way that promotes a longer healthspan
  • 0 alcohol unless drinking w/ friends
  • Monthly score = 1.0 - .1*N-nights
  • 0 sugary drinks per month (unless drinking w/ friends)
  • Monthly score is 1.0 - .1*N-sugary_drinks
  • One FMD session per quarter
  • Improve physical fitness to reduce chances of chronic pain
  • >= 15 minute mobility session every day
  • Monthly score is % of days this is done
  • Strength/balance/cardio work on 75% of days
  • Monthly score is % of days this is done * 1.33
  • “A workout that I’m proud to put my name on”
  • Maintenance activities that support long-term mental health
  • Sleep >= 8 hours
  • Monthly score is % of days this is done
  • Meditate >= 10 minutes
  • Monthly score is % of days this is done
  • Broaden your horizons
  • Read more
  • Read a book each month
  • Monthly score is 1 if done, 0 if not.
  • Required quality of notes is that I can re-read these notes in one year and fully relearn the lessons from the initial read. Should include relevant exercises for myself to put these learnings into action when possible. Post these publicly.
  • See more of the world
  • Travel to new places 4 times per year
  • 4 = 1. 3 = .75. 2 = .5. 1=.25.
  • Go deep on something new (this year - guitar!)