📝 Penn Week 7a – Review Project Directions

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☘️ Midterm evaluations coming soon 

  • You’ll have an updated grade and evaluation the week of 03/15 – 03/19
  • Please make sure all assignments are submitted on canvas

👀 Poster Activity Show and Tell

Please paste your activity below and we will look at everyone’s exercise briefly. If you have a programming question, please message me on Slack, we’ll have coding office hours again on Wednesday, and if we finish small group check ins early I can take a look at that point, too.

Where do we find visual references?

Jot down a few places you used for visual image research for today’s presentation so we can all learn from each other. Feel free to add in specific instagram accounts if you found any good collections.

Organizing Research
Archives, Books
https://www.ebay.com/ (Can find old publications and pictures of them)

Instagram Accounts

Websites about Websites